Quotation1 That's it Darling you did great about your acting but you need to improve your expression! Quotation2
Zemin teaching Abby

 Zemin or Kung Ran was the Great Cousin of Kung Lao and Kung Jin . He is known to his handsome face which attract every girls in Game High..



Zemin has a flirty and charming personality , he  flirts any ladies in Game High especially Transeferee Students but behind his current personality, he is actually depressed and anxious which cause of loosing his trust to Kung Jin..Which ruins his old self which is understanding and kind.


Zemin has a Jet black low ponytailed hair, an almond shaped brown eyes and pale skin.He is slightly taller than Claude.


Acting- Zemin has a great interest to his acting talent, which gives him confidence and to hide his dark past..

Women- Since Zemin has flirty personality, he loves to flirt every girls in Game high especially Transfer students, many boys hated his personality.



Zemin was born in China but raised in America along with Kung Jin, he sees him as his role model but when he admitted he is a Homosexual...It was a downfall to him which makes him losing his love to him..This hatred leads him to change who he was..


He had few friends but their names are unknown..


He admitted that he has Pet bird but it's species and name is unknown..


Many boys hated his flirty personality..Which he doesn't mind at all..


He flirts plenty of women in Scholl but none of them accepted him..But he'll never gave up finding his true love..


  • Zemin is a Homophobic .
  • Zemin means "Favor to people" and His real name 'Ran" means "Orchids" in Japanese..

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