Gaming Series of Origins Skullgirls
Gaming Parentage Valentine
Age 16
Alignment Villianess
Roommate Lizzia aka Elizabeth
Victorious Moments Surgeries...Nah!Just kidding I love to study about human body like guts,hear and etc.And talking to Mr Blonde Glasses(Leo.Leona's twin brother and her crush).
Knock Out! Moments My mom said when she die I will be the next Skullgirl.I dont like to be a Skullgirl.
Favored School Subject Medical class.
Least Favored School Subject Weaponology.
Allies I need a friend here!
Nemeses Any girls that wants to steal my crush.
Favorite Food Dark Chocolate and Poison Apple cake
 Valeria is the daughter of Valentine in the game called Skullgirls.


Like her mom,she's also lone wolf but she was also kind to other student players.

Physical AppearanceEdit

She has a Navy blue hair,a red eyes,a grey skin.She wore a nurse uniform,she has a heart-shaped patch that covers her left eye,a Hospital mask,a red and white bandage at arms and legs and a white shoes.



She is the only child of Valentine.


When Chrissy accidently came at the hospital in the Skullgirls portal,they became friends.


She has a big crush on Mr Blonde Glasses(Leo)




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