Output ZCkvzL

(I was playing Bioshock Infinate, so that's were the title came from)

Requests ~

You may request~

  • The MLP version of your characters.
  • Talk-Sprite of your character.
  • Any GIF of your character.
  • Normal Drawing. (Base)
  • Normal Drawing. (Base)
  • Anime
  • Homestuck God Tier/ Dream Self
  • Sprite


Please read the following instructions:


- Do not rush me.

- Do not edit this page.

- I will leave a message on your talk pages every time I am done with your requests. So do not start telling me that I took long to make the requests, so keep a sharp eye for any new messages left on your talk pages.

- Do not insult my work, if you have anything negitive to say, keep it to yourself.

- You are allowed to ask for 3 or under things at the same time.

- Do not say that one of the rules aren't known as a rule.

- Give me credit and do not start claiming that you did the art yourself or anyone else did it.

- Ask me in the comments if you want a request.

What I Use

- I use bases and paint.

- I now hand-draw things for you.


- I allow trade requests which means that if I do a request for one of you, you do one for me.

- Feel free to ask any questions or requests.

Requests List ~

I will allow 10 requests a week.


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