So I accidentally found myself unable to stick with just my six-man band. Whoopsie daisy. I'm growing attached to my original backgrounders, two girls in particular, and I sort of want to make them official. Heck, I even drew concept art for one.

The thing is, I'd need roommates for them, seeing as they're not part of my six-man band and I don't particularly want to room them with one another, seeing how they would not be good with one another. So does anyone have any upcoming OCs that need roommates?

For breifing purposes, the two I'm considering are:

Magnilde Klug, daughter of The Medic from Team Fortress 2. Haughty, prideful, condecending and dry. Enjoys fighting for fighting's sake, and though she looks like she practices medicine, she'd rather be experimenting with toxins. Detests spies of any sort, as well as those who dare mess with her collection of hats. However, she has a growing interest in the dark arts, and wouldn't mind getting her mits on a little bit of magic. Speaks in a heavy German accent and owns a pet dove, Curie.

Scaredy, daughter of Naughty Bear from, er, Naughty Bear. Jittery and quiet, not one to get attached to people--Frankly, she's terrified of making friends. Doesn't wish to succumb to her destiny in the slightest, but this may be difficult due to one thing--An omniscient voice Scaredy has dubbed "Natalie" (or just "Nat"). Nat is Scaredy's narrator, and the voice does the talking for Scaredy, belittling her and insisting that she's stupid and wrong, that her destiny will be glorious, that everything's for the better. Scaredy doesn't speak (she's afraid Nat will get upset if she does); Nat can choose if she wants only Scaredy to hear her or everyone else, too. Scaredy got the concept art, take a gander below.

So. Er. Anyone interested?

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