Admin Chat moderator
  • I live in The Halibut Palace
  • I was born on October 5
  • My occupation is Being a swag fab halibut who is also an artist and amateur writer.
  • I am Female
  • Hetastuckworts4137

    Now, if you log on to the wikia and go on Game High, you may have noticed that your cursor seem to look a little different than your average white arrow... well, that's because I changed the cursor to something that fits, You're welcome C:

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  • Hetastuckworts4137

    Hello fellow gamers of the Game High Wiki! Yeah, sorry for lame introduction ^^; but still, hello! So this blog, as the name implies, is an update blog. As you can see, I'm now an admin and as you can see, the wiki has a new theme! Yay >.< And also, the founder (Draculaura.clawd) is planning to make a contest in the near future about Pledge Day! And another thing, I made a new infobox for all your ocs, and it's a lot more detailed and also organized but feel free to stick to the old one that DC made! And also, voting! Make sure to vote for your favorite character here and we'll count up the votes! And I opened up a roleplaying forum over at the forum page, so feel free to make a discussion about roleplaying!

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