Quotation1 Ok!!Shut up and Eat my fist,Moron!! Quotation2
When she's blowned up
Tweeny or Pinkiepiekiller,known as the popular Playtuber...Subscribe pleaze
Tweeny Purpela
Gaming Series of Origins Five Nights at Freddy's 2..
Gaming Parentage The Killer aka the Purple Man,who kills the kids with no reason!!
Age 18
Pet(s) I am a cat person,I have hoards of cats in me Dorm..
Alignment Antagonist!!Oh Crabs!!I am stinks,Blame dad!!Hack me allot!!
Roommate Finette Medici..She dumped off my cats..Sometimes she always blamed me for a painful reason!!
Victorious Moments I like dwelling at the Pizzeria,I am acting like Foxy,thanks to Foxenna who teached me to be a fast runner in History..As a Playtuber,I like uploading some Minecraft,Sims and random games that I played..I like also read some fanfictions and skating.
Knock Out! Moments Rudeness to my role,even I hate it I'll follow it for good..So think before you speak or shout at my face!!Also something make me offense at my video account!!
Favored School Subject I like Antagonist 101 and Physical Gameducation..
Least Favored School Subject Math,I hate number 5 because it's my unlucky number!!
Allies I like Maddie Schimdt and Mikah Fitzergald..
Nemeses Dirk actually...-_- For one reason that
Favorite Food Pizza with cheese overload FTW!!
Favorite Beverage Anything in Pizzeria
 Tweeny Purpela is the daughter of the Killer or Purple man in Five Nights at Freddy's.Tweeny was the popular Playtuber in the whole school,

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