Teachers and Backgrounders is the official staffs and Teachers of Game High.

Faculties Edit


  • Principal- Mario (Super Mario Series)
  • Guidance Councilor - Gina Foley (Resident Evil Series)
  • Nurse: Valentine (Skullgirls)
  • Lunch Lady - Flo(Diner Dash Series)

Clubs Edit


Gaming ClubEdit

President- Min-Ji Kim

Known Members:Edit

Photography ClubEdit

President- Sophie West

Known membersEdit

Art ClubEdit

President- Unknown

Known MembersEdit

Anime ClubEdit

President- Unknown

Known MembersEdit

Science ClubEdit

President- Lance Mercer

Known MembersEdit

Drama ClubEdit

President- Unknown

Known MembersEdit

Music ClubEdit

President- Liziabeth

Known MembersEdit

Cooking ClubEdit

President- Calliope Nivans

Known membersEdit

Dance ClubEdit

President - Marceline Nivans

Known MembersEdit

Math ClubEdit

President- Claude Oda

Known MembersEdit

  • Added

Book ClubEdit

President- Bruce Wake

Known MembersEdit

Paranormal ClubEdit

President :Unknown

Known MembersEdit

History Club

Added Soon

Journalism ClubEdit

President- Unknown

Known MembersEdit


Game High School Council (GHSC)Edit

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