Micheal Joseph Tristan Nivans,It's too long but if you ask my brother it's longer than mines,also uncle decided to call me Tavros..
Tavos Nivans
I wish I am awsome like Dirk's dad and Uncle..I am just a peice of Joke in RE because My future is a member of the BSAA..So sad...
Gaming Series of Origins Resident Evil 6..I a,m curious why Resident evil is the name??
Gaming Parentage Nephew of the legendary sniper in BSAA..
Age 13,my brother is 5 years older than me..
Alignment Protagonist!!Of course what do you think Blockheads!!
Roommate Vacant
Victorious Moments Well playing some video games like Terminator and Maze of Death!!Also I like to read a pile of Hackstuck comics..
Knock Out! Moments Actually Bullies..
Favored School Subject Creativity writing and Drawing class..
Least Favored School Subject Anything physical!!I am on the wheelchair!!Hello!!
Allies Roxy Kennedy,Kankri,Dirk Redfield and Cassy..Uhh ok so that's all


Nemeses You know already right??
Favorite Food Potatoes actually!!

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