Stella Reverie
Character Profile
Game Kirby: Planet Robobot
Age Estimation: Approximately three Earth years at the oldest.
Alignment Statement: My purpose is to bring about an age of prosperity. Though this is obviously a beneficial thing, many students still view me in an antagonistic light. This puzzles me greatly.
Roommate Observation: Quincy Clayton, another future Kirby villain, who, I have noticed, does not seem to be living up to the 'villain' label.
Character Parent Statement: The Mother Computer. You may know them as Star Dream.
Victory Moments Declaration: Though I am inferior to my peers in some ways, I am far superior in others. For example, I have a knack for building mechanical items to aid me in my day to day life. Many of them are very complex, far more complex than any human could possibly comprehend.
K.O Moments Observation: My android body is exceptionally faulty, so I frequently emit loud beeps at inconvenient times, bump into walls and furniture while attempting to walk and have some difficulty focusing for long periods of time. This flaws are most frustrating, but I lack the ability to correct them.
Favourite Subject Statement: Though I do not dislike my classes, there are none that I actually consider enjoyable. Query: Why are there no classes relating to economics or engineering at this school? Both of those would interest me greatly.
Least Favourite Subject Observation: My mathematics teacher is wasting his time, trying to teach me anything new. When one has a highly advanced calculator in their brain, there is no computation too complicated for them.
Quote "Confound this body..."
Victory Friends Statement: While I would not consider her a friend exactly, Andromeda Roswell and I have a certain... mutual understanding. I also have a personal fondness for Adrian Eugene Haltmann.

Stella Reverie is the mechanical 'daughter' of Star Dream, the malevolent computer from Nintendo's Kirby: Planet Robobot.

Personality Edit


Appearance Edit

There's no denying it. Clunky as the interface is, Stella's android body is beautiful. She stands at about six feet tall, and calls to mind an ornate marble column. Her skin is pale silver, while her eyes are a startling shade of pink. Her hair, styled in a pixie cut, is white, but slowly fades to a bluish colour at the tips.

She is often clad is a white coat covered in geometric pink lines. On the breast pocket is a heart-shaped insignia, made from the aforementioned pink lines connecting with one another. Under this coat she wears a black top and a pair of matching leggings. On her feet are a pair of white ankle boots with silver soles.

A strange pair of winglike appendages protrudes from her back. They resemble the crescent shaped objects that jutted from Star Dream's sides and are fairly pretty looking. However, due to their width, they make moving through halls and doorways that much more difficult for Stella.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Much like another robot, Stella never really knew her... mother. Uh, she was blown up by a certain little pink puffball, along with the man she was controlling. How Stella herself was created is a little up in the air as a result. She won't say, but she will occasionally hint that a wish granting comet had something to do with it. Make of that as you will.

Friends Edit

Stella wouldn't really classify herself as a "friends person". In fact, she seems to have some trouble grasping the concept of friendship. Despite this, there are still a few people that she considers herself relatively close to. How genuine this affection is is up for debate.

She and Andromeda Roswell have a funny, competitive sort of relationship. Since they have some conflicting goals (Stella plans to obliterate all life in order to achieve "prosperity", while Andromeda wants to destroy a couple planets and conquer a few others) they often find themselves at odds with one another and thus engage in petty arguments about who will one day rule the universe. There is a slight playfulness to these quarrels though, implying that there's a bit of camaraderie between the martian and the machine.

She also has a one-sided, rather creepy "friendship" with Adrian Eugene Haltmann. Remember that man that her mother took control of, way back when? That was Adrian Eugene's (she insists on using his full name when she talks to or about him) grandfather. To continue the family tradition, Stella is intent on taking over Adrian's body, especially since her android body is in desperate need of an upgrade. To try and ease her potential host into this idea, she follows him around a lot. Chats with him, which is odd, since she hates small talk. Tries to be friendly. Smiles far too often and far too wide, which is really unnerving coming from an emotionless robot. Overall, her interactions are a strange combination of awkwardly endearing and flat out terrifying. Needless to say, Adrian thinks she's more towards the 'terrifying' end of the scale.

Her roommate, Quincy Clayton, isn't really her cup of tea. She's not too fond of his clay creations, especially when they go wrong and end up trashing her latest gadget. And he's too happy for her liking. Too sweet. He keeps telling her that he's capable of being a serious villain, but she won't believe him for a second. Most of the time she just tries to avoid him, though he frequently won't leave her alone.

Pet Edit

Due to her interest in the creatures that inhabit the planet Pop Star (and some of their mechanically enhanced counterparts), Stella has created her own pet based on some of them. It appears to be a cross between a Gim and a Capsule J, with a round blue body and green single eye, brass-coloured feet, a series of tubes and wires coming out of his back and yoyos in the place of arms. Because of its combined nature, she named it 'Jim'.

Romance Edit

One could argue that her obsession with Adrian Eugene borders on a romantic interest. Stella is quick to deny this though, saying that such a senseless thing would get in the way of her grand plans and impede her unfailing logic. However, she can't seem to say this without emitting a harsh beeping noise and looking incredibly uncomfortable...

Trivia Edit

  • Stella's name should be an obvious play on words, but for those of you who don't get it, 'Stella' is a name of Latin origin meaning 'star' and 'reverie' is a synonym for 'dream'.
  • In many ways, Stella was created to be a parallel to Quincy. Though they're different in some ways, they're alike in others. She's a tall girl, while he's a short boy. He likes art, but she prefers science. He's bubbly and friendly, she's cold and detached. However, both of them like creating things and are final bosses in Kirby games who have been manipulating things behind the scenes.
  • Stella's tic of stating the type of sentence she is using before speaking was partially inspired by Batman: The Brave and The Bold's take on Red Tornado.
  • I chose to refer to Star Dream by feminine pronouns here for one simple reason: she's referred to as the Mother Computer.

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