Soft Reset is a spin-off series to Lissamel123's main fanfiction, Pixels and Polygons.

Disclaimer: Like with Pixels and Polygons, Soft Reset will contain gratuitous amounts of worldbuilding and lore behind some aspects of the Game World. Also, these stories may contain spoilers relating to the games in question--If you wish to avoid spoilers for any of these, you may wish to avoid reading.

Summary Edit

Soft Reset is a collection of short stories (much like the interludes) detailing students' lives before Game High. From comedy to creeps, mobile games and triple-A titles, loving parents or even rockier home lives, anything goes. An important part of any story-based game is character building...

Note that Lissa plans to have one short story for every one of her own OCs before opening up requests to do other people's.

Stories Edit

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