Quotation1 I cant believe that I currently encounter an Emotionless Swordfish over the pool! Quotation2
Simon making fun at Dirk.
Daniel (Birth Name)
Gaming Series of Origins Left 4 Dead 2
Gaming Parentage The Gambling Suit Dad (Nick)
Age 18
Pet(s) Pets stinks.Just dumping around..I mean totally sucks!
Alignment Maybe I am in a complicated sides (Anti-hero)
Roommate Ehem..Maybe the Guy who had a Spoanish last name hahaha!
Victorious Moments I will rock the whole world with my musics.Sometimes..I will thinking that my band will got an Award..
Knock Out! Moments Annoying Fangirls, Signing Autographs, Daily Schedules and Some stinking stuffs in my entire life or the worst thing is some people doing a crap on my Guitar.
Favored School Subject Maybe Musics and Weaponology..
Least Favored School Subject P.G..Literally sucks!
Allies I have friends especially My Band mates.
Nemeses I secretl hate bad girls..
Favorite Food I love Chocolate and Gummy bears..I love candies..
Favorite Beverage I love Some cold coffee in Starbucks.
 Simon or Daniel is a the son of Nick in Left 4 Dead. He is the Lead Singer in a Famous Boy Band called The Flowers Boys.


Simon has very bad attitude, he loves making fun on anyone especially to Dirk who beat him twice.He is very rebellious towards to his Father and twin sister..But sometimes he is also a trashtalker and rude towards to teachers this causing him to put straight to detention.


Simon is more like his father, having a gray eyes and a Dark brown hair styled in Emo hairstyle, he is slightly taller than Claude and he is having a perectly toned body.



He had a complicated relationship with his father Nick.Sometimes he wishes that he was never born by a Conman.But sometimes Nick was caring to him but struggling his rebellious attitude.When it comes to his sister ..Their relationship was bad, he loves to mock her attitude.


His known friends was his bandmates.


Simon really hates pets since childhood.


Dirk Redfield was his rival, he is always teasing on his height and his emotionless atitude causing him being beaten twice by his kick.He even calls him feminine.


He had a Big Crush on Rillianne Kennedy , but he didn't know that she had crush on Finn.


  • Like Nick, he hates messed up his prize possesions like his Guitar.
  • Simon was obessed of a game called Overwatch.
  • His singing voice was potrayed by Thomas Brodie Sangster which is also the voice actor of Dirk Redfield.