Quotation1 Hmm..Marcy Nivans such a nice name anyways You look like a half of your mom and da but rest rest of your face dad..Such a pretty gurl.. Quotation2
Sherry admired Marcy
Sherry Cheshire
Sherry Cheshire
Gaming Series of Origins American McGee's Alice and Alice: Madness Returns
Gaming Parentage Oh..The Cheshire cat..Anyways see yo in the Hatters Domain my friend...
Age 17 and half..
Pet(s) Well no..Pets are hideous creature my dear..
Alignment I dont know..
Roommate Dan Chess..She's a good cooker sometimes I stole her basket purse like a thief..
Victorious Moments Well,I am good at chess..Well I am known as the GH's chess master and Purranking around,I dont care what kind of student I want to prank....
Knock Out! Moments People doesnt believe in Madness so I threat them to believe..Suck on that..
Favored School Subject I think Magics it's a good prank subject..
Least Favored School Subject Uhmm maybe swimming...Dang boys and water..Also I hate their Swim leader hottie...
Allies Well I dont know just shut your mouth!!
Nemeses Anyone one who doesnt believe..Also a hottie with Hogwarty tie and the guy with Syndromic hair..
Favorite Food I like Muffins,chocolate cake and any foods in Hatters Domain..
Favorite Beverage Tea it's good than the modern drinks..

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