Quotation1 Look, I'll give you one last chance. Get out of this host by yourself, or I'll force you out! Quotation2
Gaming Series of Origins Kirby.
Gaming Parentage Ribbon.
Age Fifteen.
Pet(s) I don't have one.
Alignment Protagonist. Practically the main one.
Roommate Magnilde Klug. About as annoying as it sounds.
Victorious Moments Victory? There is no victory until they have been destroyed.
Knock Out! Moments You never know when someone's been possessed by it. Unforch', I'm a little distrusting, meaning I've threatened quite a few students, and of course, it's gotten me into trouble. A lot. Well, excuse me if I care the slightest bit about you.
Favored School Subject Weaponology. Who knows, maybe I'll find something else that I can go to. Maybe a staff... Or maybe even a sword! Those'd be way more intimidating than a gem!
Least Favored School Subject Advanced Magic Use and Quoteology. Firstly, these crystals aren't magic in the way you think they are, people! You can't cast spells with them! And secondly, I don't have the time to think up witty statements. So what if I'll never be famously quoted?
Allies ((... I don't think Shard trusts anyone enough.))
Nemeses It's not a student, nor a teacher. It's an... It. A horrible it.
Favorite Food ... Ice cream.
Favorite Beverage ((TBA))


Shard has a bad habit of trusting practically no one. If you were to somehow build up her trust for you, you would see that she is extremely loyal, and would try to protect you at any cost, and quite kind. She is incredibly stubborn, and once she has figured out a goal, she will try relentlessly until it is achieved. She is hot- headed and hostile, with a bit of a short temper. She does tend to notice things quite easily. Under most cases, this would be good, but, of course, she notices things that are somewhat off about people, and quickly will believe that they are being possessed, and will begin "addressing the entity inside the host's body".



Shard's relationship with her mother, Ribbon, is somewhat strained. While she is somewhat uncomfortable about her, yet is rather concerned about what is going on with her and on Ripple Star in general. No one's entirely sure just who Shard's father is, we know that it's definitley not Kirby, and whoever they are, they currently live on Ripple Star. 


Once again, she trusts practically no one enough... Yet. The closest she'll get to friendship is getting rather defensive about someone. Kaolin has gotten this treatment before, if only for the fact that the fairy knows very well that there are other beings capable of possession.

Shard used to have a few friends way back when on her home planet, her closest being another fairy, Shaylee. She doesn't tend to talk about her (or even refer to her by name, for that matter), and if she so much as mentions her it's usually along of the lines of "That poor girl, she doesn't even know it's coming.".


Shard doesn't care for romance, believing it is a waste of time. So, if she does so much as give you a peck on the nose, you should probably consider that as an award of some sort.



  • Shard's real name is Crystal.
  • Her hair is naturally pink. She just dyes it indigo.
  • Shard wasn't originally going to be made, but Jazz liked her design too much, and thought up a personality.
  • Shard is roughly eight inches tall.
  • Yes, Shard still owns some of the traditional Ripple Star clothes, and they still fit her. Most fairies don't seem to grow much.
  • Despite her constant threats, Shard gets a bit nauseous at the sight of blood, especially when she knows she caused it. Meaning if she sees someone else draw blood, she's mostly fine, but if it's herself or her own blood, she'll get all woozy. An abundance of blood, even if it's just in a movie or whatever, can have this same effect.
  • Shard's "canon" voice is probably LeeandLie.
  • Now, Shard's sort-of-theme would be an in- game tune from The Crystal Shards... Sorta. A remix of the game's true final boss's theme (Spoilers for an old game over there. Don't want 'em? Then just listen and try to figure out the lyrics on your own or read the description.), to be presice. In case anyone was wondering what posses- eh... What drove Jazz to make Shard, there it is. She stumbled upon this remix, replayed it to death, eventually sketches were made, character was developped, Jazz mentioned she was weak and had made her , and the issue of naming her came up. 
  • Shard has an uncanny ability to appear out of practically nowhere. No one has asked her how she does it, but most assume that it's the result of what little magic she has.

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