Quotation1 Wait..Roxy-chan I am a friend not an enemy...My mom is a real enemy! Quotation2
Rose to Roxy
Rosalynn Anette Radames
Gaming Series of Origins Resident Evil 6..
Gaming Parentage Carla Radames
Age 17
Alignment Antagonist..
Roommate Calliope Nivans
Victorious Moments I am just preffered to read some Dystopia genre of a book and Spend time with..Uh...Senpai?
Knock Out! Moments I am..Uhh... Anti-Social becuase of my terriible path that my mom forced me!
Favored School Subject I prefered Home E.C..
Least Favored School Subject Science..Somebody ask me about the Chrysalid Virus..
Allies I think my only friend is Jamie Heller...
Nemeses Possibly Roxy..She is been mean to me when we crossed path..
Favorite Food Well..I think some blueberries and milk...Weird right...
 Rose Radames is the daughter of Carla Radames ,Antagonist of Resident Evil 6.She is a main protagonist at Kyla's upcoming fanfiction.


Rose revealed as an Anti-social.


Rose has a black hair,an ocean blue eyes and a pale skin..



Rose was Carla's daughter..They had a bad relationship due to her mother's chaos.


Since she is anti-social ..She just happy being alone..


She has an Arch-Nemesis who is Roxy Kennedy because of name-calling her...


Rose was trying to never drift her self to Senpai .


  • Rose was a Dandere.
  • She has an only one nickname which is  Clone-Chan,while Rose call her Killer-chan..
  • She is also a Drama Geek, one of her role is the Rose from the Little Prince.

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