You can call me Psyche!
Gaming Series of Origins Kirby.
Gaming Parentage Dark Mind!
Age I’m abouuuuut… 16 or so, maybe?
Pet(s) Welllll, uh… I want one, but Mirror Worlders don’t like me and taking one of the Other World’s animals won’t turn out well...
Alignment I’m an antagonist.
Roommate Lucinda Incendiary!
Victorious Moments Person'lly, I like watching other people do things. Y’know, sports and stuff!
Knock Out! Moments Yeah, I get it. I'm fragile, and seeing someone break like they're glass is funny t' you guys for some reason. But couldja just. Not try to make me shatter. Literally putting yourself back together is pretty awful.
Favored School Subject Game History. I’m pretty behind on what happened here.
Least Favored School Subject Antagonist 101. I just can’t. I’m no good at it, for whatever reason.
Allies ((TBA))
Nemeses ((TBA))
Favorite Food Flan, maybe?
Favorite Beverage Heheh, funny story. I, uh… Can’t really drink. Anything. Pep Brew looks nice, though.


Okay, first imagine Daydream and Nadir combined. Now imagine what's pretty much the exact opposite of that. That is Psyche. Hyperactive, cheery, bouncy, somewhat annoying, all of that. Psyche tends to be very emotional, to the point of overreacting a lot. Included in this is a trait of one of theirs, being that she tends to lash out and get agressive, although she does return to her usual, bubbly state after snapping.



Dark Mind doesn't seem to like Psyche too much, thinking of her as a failure of sorts, but she does try to please him, it's just… Very unsuccessful.




Neither of her counterparts like her very much.


Psyche takes after the eyeball in this category, being a romance and s[nah]-repulsed aromantic asexual.



  • Psyche means 'the human soul, mind or spirit'.
  • Psyche does potray herself as feminine, but does not identify as female. She hasn't figured out the proper term for her gender yet.
  • The only reason why Jazz didn't make Nadir and Psyche roommates is because of Psyche’s demeanor. Nadir hates her because of this, and it would only end up disastrously. While they tend to be quite calm, this would probably cause them to destroy something.
  • Psyche's original appearance was entirely based on Daydream's, as Nadir didn't exist at the time of her design.
  • She really likes giving nicknames to people, no matter how distant they may be to her.
  • More likely than not, Psyche had a prefix of some sort in front of her name, probably 'Dark', or something akin to that. Whatever it was, she decided to completely drop it from her name.
  • She, like most Mirror Worlders, refers to those on the other side of the mirror (being the one that most games happen on) as 'Other Worlders', as to not imply that they are fake.

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