Call me Nadir.
Gaming Series of Origins Kirby.
Gaming Parentage You may know them as Zero Two.
Age Hard to pin down.
Pet(s) None.
Alignment Antagonist.
Roommate Duplicity.
Victorious Moments I cannot say I have one.
Knock Out! Moments ... Leave me alone. I wish to be alone.
Favored School Subject I enjoy science, to a certain extent.
Least Favored School Subject Band. I understand that theme was iconic, but I do not want to be tied to it for my entire life.
Allies You are kidding.
Nemeses ...
Favorite Food None.
Favorite Beverage None.


Nadir is... Quiet, to say the least. They are nearly emotionless, and when they do show any sort of it, it tends to be in the negative range. Sadness, anger, hatred, that sort of thing. If they're positive, it’s minor, and usually just brushed off by them.



Whether or not 02 is actually Nadir's parent, they seem to get along... Well, about as well as two near-emotionless eldrich abominations can get along.

The relationship between Nadir and the original Zero is unknown.


Nadir might not actively think of anyone as such, them and Daydream are something of this.


Are you cheery, usually somewhat content, or something of the sort? Congrats. You’re one.


In relation to his personality, they feel that they are incapable of experiencing this.



  • Ironically, Shard has no idea that they exist.
  • Nadir CAN actually smile, but it's not used in the usual way. They use it for sarcasm and when they're p'd off and probably about to hurt someone.
  • Jazz imagines their voice to be more masculine-sounding, the main reason being that when asking others about which gender they look more like, almost everyone said that Nadir looked female to them, and she thought a masculine voice would contrast that.
  • They can actually form proper-ish looking limbs (besides the colouring and texture, for obvious reasons), but if they do, it usually ends up looking weird, as they don't exactly pay attention to how the other students' joints work, meaning that they'll end up with their body covered up, gloves, pants, and all that junk, but they won't so much bend like a person would, but they curve when they bend, if that makes any sense.
  • And almost adding onto that, the substance where Nadir's arms are considered to be is usually just lining the inside of their sleeves.
  • Nadir is technically Zero Three, which is actually their 'legal' name, but they refuse to go by it.
  • There's at least four Dark Matter who make up their 'body'. The species' hive mind-like mentality allows Nadir to control them. In the rare occasion that Naddy decides to make their face look humanoid, they'll use one of the four's eyes for their other socket.
  • Nadir is likely going to take the role of 0 themself, as opposed to that of their 'parent'.

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