Quotation1 I am just prefer to be single not like Jacqui who just love that Big-Butted guy. Quotation2
Miranda to Abby

 Miranda Kimberly Briggs is the niece of Jax Briggs and the Cousin of Jacqui Briggs.She is one of the writers in the Journalist Club..



Miranda was creative when it comes writting dreams that she really wants to learn.She is adventurous and energetc which Jax loves about her.She sometimes to be naive and akward in any situations..


Miranda was slender and tall body.In her features, she brown eyes, black hair and brown skin..She wore pink mettalic lipstick and a fake lashes..


Writing- Miranda was very passionate to her writting in School's news paper , she even dream to become a writer at the Local News Paper..

Novels- In her free time, she consumed her time by reading Romantic Novels..



She has a close relationship with her cousin,Jacqui..She was currently live with her uncle after her parents died by car crash..


Even she is Abby's  Friend,she is her slight frenemy due to her being a rule breaker but she loves her no matter who she is.But she have a little friends here.




Still single...


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