Quotation1 Games is my passion!GAMER FTW! Quotation2

Min-Ji Kim or better known as Pippi is the daughter of a Freelance Photographer, V and The Founder of the RFA and The Leader of The Mint Eye, Rika..Min-Ji was Proffesional Gamer and the President of the Gaming Club..



Min-Ji was a jolly and playful according to Tyler,She's also focused and serious when she plays LOLOL but unlike her Uncle, she's not easily addicted to it. Min-Ji was an active to any Gaming Contest..When someone mentions her mother she didn't speak due to her Hatred to her..


Min-ji has a mixture between V and Rika, she had V's Torquise Hair and Rika's Light Green Eyes but she used Yellow Contacts because she hates that there is a part of her Mother..


Gaming- Min-ji's passion was into Gaming, influenced by her uncle, Yoosung.She enjoyed playing any form of Video Games especially LOLOL,..Luckily Min-Ji is not easily addicted to Video Games..

Photography- Min-Ji loves Photography..Her father encourage her to learn about it..

Yaoi- Min-ji Kim was also a fan of Yaoi, but only softcore.She likes Vikturi and Ereri.


Her Mother- Min-Ji sees her mother as a Demon to her, she hated Two Things about her..



Before Rika's Death, she was pregnant to V's child, after Min-Ji's birth, she left her on V's Doorway that time she was born.When she's 13, V told her anything about her mother, leading her to her Hate towards to her mother,Rika. She also has an uncle named Yoosung Kim who also call her Rika which she hated about him but in other part, she loves her uncle due to his Caring side..


Min-Ji was a childhood friend Of Jia Han which is her father's childhood friend, she also having friends with her roomate named Hanako Shimada..She's also Tyler's bestfriend.


Jumin Han gave her a Persian-Siamese kitten named Osu..


She had nerves to Tiffany..


Min-Ji didn't mind romance at all,...But when the time that the boy confess to her, she'll accept it..But They must follow her conditions..


  • Min means "Quick or Clever" while Ji means "wisdom and intellect"
  • Her Nickname and Her Pet's name was gotten from the Yandere Simulator Character named Pippi Osu.
  • Her Theme Song was Game Girl which is the theme song of Latula Pyrope.

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