Merilyn. No last name or anything.
Gaming Series of Origins Paper Mario... Well, the first three, anyways.
Gaming Parentage Merlee. A cuter gal you'll never see. Well, except for maybe me!
Age ((TBA))
Pet(s) ((TBA))
Alignment Not exactly a protagonist, but still on the 'good' spectrum of the scale.
Roommate ((TBA))
Victorious Moments ((TBA))
Knock Out! Moments I'm sorry, but I'm not expected to rhyme all of the time. It's just a thing that happens! I'm not the type that can just jump out of bed, and then come up with rhymes off the top of my head!
Favored School Subject I enjoy Advanced Magic Use, but I doubt that I'll get to use any of the spells I'm learning there in game. The majority of the things I have to use are relatively simple, although it is going to be nice to get paid to cast them!
Least Favored School Subject Drama... The idea of trying to be someone else scares me a bit.
Allies ((TBA))
Nemeses ((TBA))
Favorite Food I quite enjoy peaches.
Favorite Beverage Crisp, clean water. Plain and simple.





Merilyn and Merlee get along okay-ish. Nothing special here. However, she seems to get along better with her aunt, Merluvlee.




Merilyn seems to try to keep on good terms with most students, however, she doesn't think very highly of traitors and antagonists, and will try to avoid them. And yes, she's aware of Ms. Tenebris, and, frankly, she is not very fond of her, either.


Meri isn't really that interested in romance. Not to say that she wouldn't like to find a special someone some day, she just doesn't want one now.






  • Merilyn is, fairly obviously, a corruption of the name Marilyn, which had nothing to do with the Shadow Siren of the same name.
  • Merilyn's appearance is mostly based off of Super Paper Mario's Merlee.
  • Drama was originally going to be her Favorite Subject, but Jazz felt like it suited her better for it to be her Least Favorite Subject.
  • There are a few doodles of Coco C (One of Jazz's MH characters) on Merilyn's page. If you know Coco, you probably know why Jazz decided to do a few drawings of her on Mery's page.
  • Unlike one of Jazz's other characters , Merilyn actually needs her glasses to see, as she is heavily nearsighted.
  • She was going to rhyme pretty much all of the time, but then Jazz realized that when she needs to, she can't rhyme for the life of her. It even took a few weeks to figure out how to make her excuse of why she doesn't always rhyme... Well, rhyme.

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