Quotation1 Wait...I think I am bloated..Too much food that I ate yesterday! Quotation2
Marcy's being concern about her weight.
Marceline Nivans..
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Hey Gurlllllllssssss
Gaming Series of Origins Resident 6..FTW!!
Gaming Parentage Helena Harper and Piers Nivans(No Nivansfield please!)
Age 17.I am 3 minute older than Calliope..
Pet(s) Well I have a pet named Finn I got his name from a BSAA operative..
Alignment Protagonist actually..
Roommate Maddie Schimdt..She's awsome...
Victorious Moments I want to protect my sister from harm and triggers like Deborah's situatuion.I pledged it both mom and dad.
Knock Out! Moments Seeing Calliope in Danger and Suitors.
Favored School Subject Creativity Writing..I also writing some Story...Also Art class..
Least Favored School Subject Uh...Science..
Allies My bestfriends is from the other place while in Game High is Roxy Kennedy,Cassy Redfield and Kankri even he's a TT(Talking Terminator)
Nemeses It's complicated!
Favorite Food I love Mashed Potaoes and Pizza as well!
Favorite Beverage Caramel Machaito is my fave! I always love it !
 Marceline Nivans,prefred name as Marcy ,is the child of Chris' partner named Piers Nivans and Helena Harper,partner of Leon.

. Marcy was a founder of a girl dance group called Gamer Girls Elite Crew or GGEC



Marceline  is a tough one, she have to be tough for the sake of her sister, to protect her from harm like her Auntie named Deborah.She also shows her friendly and caring to her friends(Especially to Cassia which both of their fathers are great friends).


Marcy has a straight dark brown hair,a hazel eyes and a fair skin.She appears to be skinny and flat-chested girl.


Dancing- One of her greatest pleasure..She loved dancing at the young age, Her mother takes her in any dance classes that gives her improvements.. That's why she made the GGEC to join her own passion..

Animes- Marceline loved Animes due to her older cousin Jean who watch Detective Connan when he was young..This making her an Otaku..

Family- Marceline was a family-oriented..But not like Calliope who is quiet clingy to them..


Calliope's Suitors-She always hated her suitors which is quiet narcisstic and self-centered..They even want to break her relationship between Jamie and Calliope!



Marcy's family are close each other.Marcy's one of her closest familiy member is her father,Piers...Marcy was also the cousin of Tavros and Rufioh,Marcy treat them as her brothers..She's the older twin sister of Calliope Nivans


Marcy was a social butterfly..She loves socializzing all the time,her known friends are Cassia,Isaac  and Roxy ..


Marcy adopted a chow chow named Finn,she adopted him after her first' pet's death..


.She has also a big rivalary to Abigail Cage due to her mouth problems that drives her mad and intention to whack her face..


Marcy has a love interest with Alois Castellanos, at first she doesnt feel something for him but when they are getting closer, a feeling developed.


  • Her theme song is Monster (For Some Reasons)
  • In Anime, her lips is like this