Magnilde Klug

Game Parent

Team Fortress 2




It's complicated.



Character Parent

The Medic

Victory Moments

Understanding my foes' mofements and besting zem despite ze odds. And zey say ze medic can't hold zeir ovn. Hah!

K.O Moments

If I'm the RED medic, vhere is BLU? Ve don't speak of BLU. Go avay vith your questions.

Favorite Subject

Game Combat. I life for fighting. Ze rush as ze weapon clashes against another, ze pride of vinning. Lofe it.

Least Favorite Subject

History. Yavn. I hardly care vhat happened then, I care about the nov. Besides, vho cares about Team Fortress Classic? Not me.


"Ze doctor carries ze entire team."

Victory Friends

Hm. I don't knov. Hafe ve any visards? I like them.

Magnilde Klug is the daughter of The Medic, the possibly mad but still completely vital teammate from the Valve game Team Fortress 2.

Personality Edit

The first rule of medicine? Do no harm. Well, someone didn't enforce that to Magnilde. Magnilde enjoys fighting and winning, dominating others and proving her worth. She's condescending and dry, always considering herself to have the upper hand in any situation--Even if, rationally, she doesn't. She takes combat like an art form, understanding how others may move and adapting herself to different styles, even sometimes messing with their head by contemplating what equipment she could have on hand. That isn't to say she's given up medicine. She keeps a first-aid kit handy and knows some pretty complex medical techniques just from watching her papa. She's particularly interested in the field of phlebotomy--Or blood drawing. It's just that harming people just gets her adrenaline running just slightly more then healing them. Not that it matters, she's still working with the school nurse for extra credit and people will loudly demand she heals them. She doesn't mind too much; after all, a team is worthless without a good medic.

Beyond her dryness and live of fighting, Magnlide enjoys magic. While she cannot use it herself without the help of, say, necronomicons and magic rings, she likes watching it and learning about it. She's heard stories of Merasmus and is surprisingly pumped to meet the guy. Magic is some strange, ultimate power that she'd kill to be able to control. She keeps a comically large collection of hats in her room, carefully organized, and often changes up her hat depending on the occasion. Messing with her hats is a serious offence to her, and she'll hold you in utter contempt afterward. She's very bitter towards spies, only giving them the time of day if they are certain they lack any knives or watches. She's bookish, but not afraid to get her hands dirty. Also, a silly German accent. Overall, Magnilde attracts attention, and she likes every second of it.

She's a big softie when it comes to compliments, though. If you think she's a lifesaver, and mean it, she'll most certainly blush. If she heals you out of free will or she compliments you, she favors you, and she's got your back.

Physical Appearance Edit

Magnilde is rather simple-looking, with peachy skin and dark brownish-black hair that falls slightly past her shoulders. She keeps a pair of goggles on her forehead (to keep blood out of her eyes, as she says), her standard hat being a little nurse's cap with a cursive 'M' within a stylized circle on it. She wears nurse's scrubs for standard clothing, entirely white with some red trimming. The top bears a print of a medical syringe dripping three little drops of blood; being her own design. Her boots are standard-issue rubber, in the same red as her trimming.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Magnilde loves her papa, and even though she does have to stay out of the battlefeild for safety purposes, she loves watching him do what he does best: fight and heal. When she becomes the medic, she wants to be just as great as him. She's not very close with the other mercs, though The Scout does interest her, and since The Heavy is her papa's best pal, she knows him pretty well. 

Friends Edit

A tip for getting on Magnilde's good side: do her some favors. She's sick of healing people, just get her a...A sandwich or something, I don't know.

Her roommate is Shard, who she has a lot of fun with. She's magical, so that's a win for Magnilde. She also has this thing against possession and stuff, so she can always imply she has a Second Opinion for herself to put on. That's always loads of fun. She's pretty sure the little pixie isn't a huge fan of her, though, but who even cares?

Of course, she's closest to her fellow mercs. Lucinda is a bit of a priss, Boston is annoying, and Victoire...Well, she's BLU, so she's awful. Despite all this, she still hangs with them, even healing them if push comes to shove. But not Victorie. Victorie gets no healing. Spy scum.

She's seen with Sofia Flamenco sometimes, mostly to swap petty insults because this one time she messed with her hat, and letting that go is not an option. You do not mess with the hats, have we made that clear? She also visits Takashi on the weekends to see some magic done, so that's something, I guess. Just don't tell anyone, m'kay? On a more sincere note, she has a sort of odd friendship with The Outfielder, and while they don't talk too much, when they do, it's usually with a genuine camaraderie. Magnilde can be pretty good at, er, calming him down sometimes.

Pet Edit

That little dove she owns (which could be one of her father's) is named Curie (after Madame Marie Curie, natch). She adores the little bird and keeps it around with her whenever it's a possibility--Even when preforming medicine.

Romance Edit

We're not sure which way Magnilde swings. She just says she's married to her destiny and the medicine. Make of this what you shall.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Magnilde began as a recurring backgrounder in Lissa's fanfiction Pixels and Polygons, but Lissa took a liking to her and she became a (minor) official character.
  • 'Magnilde' means 'strong battle maiden'; 'Klug' means 'clever, wise'. Yes, I put in this much research to what once was a backgrounder (note that the name once given to The Medic, Joseph Heilburg, is not considered canon).
    • A recent Team Fortress 2 comic has set the Medic's surname as 'Ludwig'. Lissa is...Just kind of going to ignore that. She still enjoys 'Klug'.
  • She's allowed to wield her father's Bonesaw, Vita-Saw, and Solemn Vow and has had minor training with the Crusader's Crossbow. No Medi Guns yet, though. Not until next year, when she's eighteen and has had a proper heart transplant.
  • For clarification's sake--Magnilde's accent. Swap all 'w's for 'v's; 'th's with 'z's, and 'v's for 'f's (unless you just swapped a 'w' for a 'v').
  • Magnilde is a RED medic because...Well, by default, Lissa just pictures all the classes as their RED colorations, so Magnilde ended up as a RED medic. The only exception is The Spy, which Lissa pictures as BLU.
  • In her first headcanon design, Magnilde wore a little nurse's dress. When actually designing her, her personality didn't quite lend itself to being a dress type, so she changed to wearing medical scrubs.
  • Both Magnilde and her father are Jewish within Lissa's Game High canon.

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