Madeline Jazella Schimdt but somebody calls me Maddie,Jaze and MJ..
Simple but pretty..
Gaming Series of Origins Five Nights at Freddy's
Gaming Parentage Mike Schimdt..The secruity gaurd of the Freddy's....
Age 16..
Alignment Protagonist..Thank you not the antagonist...
Roommate Well my roomate was so mischief as a cheshire cat,named Marceline Nivans..Daughter of Piers Nivans and Helena Harper..Wait a sec...THEY'RE MARRRIEDD...GYAH!!
Victorious Moments Scrapbooking,reading books and Watching some horror and romance movies...I love Romance because I've imagined Dirk and I ....
Knock Out! Moments Well being a center of joke..When I was a Grade 3 student I am look like a nerdy kid, so my classmated calls me 'Maddorkline"..So I dont like to happen in my highschool days...
Favored School Subject I think Drama well I like it because I am feel like Juliet while Dirk is my Romeo..OMG!!
Least Favored School Subject I am so Dumb at Math...*sighs*
Allies Marceline Nivans and Chippy Chickers..
Nemeses The evil popular girls!!They're Plastics!!I hate plastic and FYI not plastic thw
Favorite Food Hawaiin Pizza and A soda..
 Madeline Jazella Schmidt is the daughter od Mike Schimdt,the main protagonist in Five Nights at Freddy's..


Maddie was calm and very feisty..She's also a fast learner,adventorous and slightly stubborn..


Maddie has a golden wavy hair,a blue eyes and a very pale skin.She wore a violet dress with a lavender belt and a pair of crimson boots.



Mike Schidmt was her father,she lived at the Mexico with her auntie.At the age of 16,her father decided to come back at the USA for her highschool.But when her dad fired,she stopped schooling in 1 year.That day Mr Mario discover her and decided to enroll in Game High.


Marceline Nivans was her childhood friend.She met Marcy at the graveyard at the Mexico because her family visits Marcy's deceased aunt and uncle(Rufio's Parents) who died at the boat incident at the unkown place of Mexico and also celebrate the Dia de los Muertos or Day of the dead.Maddie' met Chippy Chickers at the mall,she didnt know that her Chippy is the daugther of Chica..


Maddie doesnt like pets.


Maddie dislikes at the popular gurls  exepct the other good girls.


Maddie has crush on Dirk Redfield .

Gallery Edit

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