Katon Arana Scorpio
Gaming Series of Origins Mortal Kombat
Gaming Parentage Mortal Kombat series
Age 105 years in your time...
Alignment Protagonist
Roommate Princess Mara Khan
Victorious Moments when dad gives me lava rocks i love them
Knock Out! Moments when Rin Liang (daughter of Sub Zero) makes me burn the school
Favored School Subject dont have one
Least Favored School Subject dont have one
Allies Ecto soulston,Princess Mara Khan,Rotciv Eibot and Crimson blade
Nemeses Rin Liang and icerelermers
Favorite Food birned human meat and lava rocks
 Katon Scorpio is the daughter of Scorpion (Mortal Kombat) and sister of Sting Scorpio


i am a serious girl and i often yell at others,everyone says that i give a cold personality.... i dont!

Physical DescriptionEdit

she has white eyes,black hair,her oufit and a yellow mask in her mouth