Gaming Series of Origins Kirby.
Gaming Parentage Claycia's my mum.
Age Let's just say I'm 14ish.
Pet(s) I don't have one.
Alignment Antagonist? Protagonist? I'm not sure myself, since for most of the game I'm... Well, you know, but at the end I'm not!
Roommate Ceph Takowasa. He's nice enough, although I don't quite get his thing about squids. Cultural differences, I assume.
Victorious Moments Well, as odd as it may sound, I rather enjoy singing!
Knock Out! Moments I tend to freeze up a lot. You know just going along in the day, and then there's suddenly a lot of pressure, and my mind goes into panic mode and just freezes up.
Favored School Subject Band and choir.
Least Favored School Subject Weaponology. I just can't get the hang of it.
Allies W- well, that Aster fellow is nice, even if we don't talk much.
Nemeses ... I suppose he counts as one, doesn't he? I-I'm sure he's trying, but it seems destiny's written into me a tad too much.
Favorite Food Ooh, parfaits!
Favorite Beverage Water?


Kaolin is a quiet girl who tends to be quite mellow. She is a bit shy and antisocial, but if you manage to get close to her, she's one of the nicest people you'll meet.



Kaolin is an only child, and her and Claycia get along quite well.


While no one's entirely sure about anything else, her and Aster Occultus get along.


Quincy Clayton bugs her, but really, that's somewhat expected.


She is bisexual, but isn't looking. Some people suggest she's crushing on the spider, but she denies this.



  • Kaolin is a fine, soft, white clay used for making porcelain, china, as a filler in paper and textiles, and in medicinal absorbents. It is also called china clay.
  • Her favourite food comes from a page in Elline's Secret Diary.
  • Kaolin doesn't move smoothly, but more like an old claymation short.
  • She is quite a bit shorter than she looks.
  • 'Lin has considered dying her hair multicoloured, but she has yet to do it.
  • She has one of the most thought-out families (next to Shard), even if both are in different ways.

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