Quotation1 Hey Big Brother! Quotation2
As Always
Kamilia Ann Stryker
20160529 045016-1
Gaming Series of Origins Mortal Kombat!
Gaming Parentage Kurtis Stryker...
Age 14
Pet(s) I have a pet which is a scottish fold cat, I named her Felly!
Alignment Protagonist...Do you think I am a villian?!
Roommate I wish I have one!
Victorious Moments I love reading Otome Mangas! Also love to get my brother's attention!
Knock Out! Moments I hate some people underestimate me!
Favored School Subject Well! Some of them are fine!
Least Favored School Subject Weaponology...Weapons is too heavy!
Allies I love Poppy amd Tiffy Burnside!
Nemeses Freddy sucks!
Favorite Food I love candies, especially some Skittles an M&M's!
Favorite Beverage I love Any flavor of Milkshakes!
 Kami Stryker was the youngest child of Kurtis Stryker and the younger sister of Finn Stryker.


Voice Actor

She is voiced by an American Actress  and Singer named Kristin Chenoweth .who voiced Dawn in Strange .Magic


Kami was a childish and friendly, she loves getting her brother's attention espcecially to her parents.Due to her personality, she became Dependent to her parents and her brother causing Kami was incapable of self-defenses.  She is also a cry-baby when she is bullied or being rejected.


Kami has a medium blonde hair, a blue eyes and a pale skin.



Kami was a very sweet daughter to his parents and a very loving sister of  Finn causing Kami was possesive of her brother. She has a twin sister which is really unknown.


Kami has 2 besties named Poppy and Tiffany Burnside , she is acquaintance with Rinchi Yamada and Tweeny Purpela


She had a Scottish Fold cat named Felly.


She had a big hate to Freddy.


She havent the love of her own yet but her father was so overprotective from boy.But she had one suitor..


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