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Judy's lINE

Judith or Judy is the tomboy younger sister of Bodie.

Character Edit

Personality Edit

Judy was known as the toughest girl in the school..Some of them judging her as a Deliquent even she is not.. She is also Athletic and Active when it comes to sports related stuff especially Volleyball and Basket ball..Judy was also shy when James is around.

Appearance Edit

Judy was a quiet muscular and strong body.She has a blonde hair, A tan skin and A Ocean Blue eyes.. She is also the tallest among her friends.

Interests Edit

Dancing- Like her friends..She loves dancing which she is influenced by her friends and her Brother..

Sports- One of the things that influenced by her brother..Sports was her passion..Her first sports that she known easily was Basketball and Volleyball..

Animes- Judy was influenced by Elza's Anime loving hobby..She only watched few of them such as Attack On Titan and One Punch Man..

Surfing-She always loved surfing especially when she's with Bodie.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

She lived at the High-Tide Beach alongside with her Brother, Bodie and his Crew Partner, Emillia.

Friends Edit

Judy's known friends are Cherry and Elza ..

Pets Edit

Judy has a Golden Retriver named Bodie Jr which his brother was disagree of Naming him after the dog but later he

Enemies Edit

Judy hates boys who calls her Princess which is offensive to her..

Romance Edit

Some people thinks that she is a lesbian but Judy has a big crush on James Morrison .Which is unexpectedly, James loves her too.



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