Quotation1 Oh! I cant confess to him..He is...Always..B-Buisy! Quotation2
Jessica to Chippy
Jessica Graham
Gaming Series of Origins Resident Evil 4
Gaming Parentage Ashley Graham
Age 16
Pet(s) I have Shit Zu...It's so cute and so fluffy!
Alignment Confusing i guess?
Roommate Ace Kennedy is my Roommie!My rescuer! Squee!
Victorious Moments Many people treat me like princess!They are so nice as well!I also love to play Yandere Simmulator and any Virutual Pet Games, such as Tamagochi.
Knock Out! Moments Do you think I am Perfect? No! I hate blimishes and sweat.
Favored School Subject I like History and Science!
Least Favored School Subject Swimming..I cant swin!
Allies Ace and many more!
Nemeses Mean girls!
Favorite Food I am vegan! Meat eeew!
Favorite Beverage I like concentratred fruit juices!
 Jessica Graham is the daughter of Ashley Graham from Resident Evil 4.


Jessica is a very annoying but loveable girl base on Ace's expeirences with her.Jessica thought Ace was her bestfriend but Ace got disturbed due to her childish attitued towards to her!



She is the daughter of Ashley Graham,she is also has a twin sister which is opposite to her!


She is almost befriended by all!


Mean Girls


Her Senpai was Dirk Redfield but she is too shy to confess him, he is always busy.But They are always partners at School Activities.


  • She is a Deredere
  • She is the revive version of Ashlynn Graham.

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