Quotation1 Oh Yeah! Volleyball I am in! Quotation2
Jean to
Jean Nivans
Rufio My god
Gaming Series of Origins Resident Evil 6...
Gaming Parentage Nephew of Piers Nivans..
Age 18...But I am looks like 17.
Alignment Protagonist...Yeah I am a Prota...
Roommate Dirk Redfield..Son of the captain of the BSAA..I hate his father but his son is very awsome....
Victorious Moments I love to read some Fairy tales and also Maze Runner and Divergent. I also play Minecraft and watching Anime!
Knock Out! Moments I hate Dormroom intruders!
Favored School Subject History..Yeah...
Least Favored School Subject Math..I dont like math ever!!!
Allies Dirk Redfield and my girlfriend Cassy..
Nemeses I really hate that Muller Bastard!
Favorite Food I like Steak wit French fries on top..Especially when Cassy cooked it !
 Jean Nivans is the nephew of Piers Nivans and the cousin of Marceline and Calliope..He's the older brother of Tavros Nivans .


Jean was a gentleman,innocent,free willed and intelligence.Also Fast-talking and ambitious.Jean was diffrent from other teenage boys because he's mind filled with fantasies even he's 18.Jean is also knowledgable and sometimes serious towards to studies and enemies.



Jean was the son of the older brother of Piers Nivnas and his unknown wife and the brother of Tavros Nivans .His parents died at the boat incident.Jean lives with his Uncle and his wife Helena Harper..


Rufio has two friends named Dirk Redfield and Finn Stryker.


Jean has a German Shepard dog named Sam.


Jake's half brother,Freddy Cullens.


Jean has a girlfriend named Cassy Redfield ,oldest daughter of Piers' captain,Chris.Cassy kissed Rufio...There relationship is very healthy.


Gallery Edit

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