Quotation1 I am the future Link not Zelda.If I am Zelda I can do the DAMSEL IN DISTRESS..OH SAVE ME!SAVE ME! Quotation2
Gaming Series of Origins Legend of Zelda series
Gaming Parentage Link and Pricess Zelda
Age 15
Alignment Protagonist...
Roommate (Vacant)
Victorious Moments I am like anything,Adventure?Yes,Travelling?Super.I also like to shooting arrows and extreme parkour and obstacles..Like lava parkour!!
Knock Out! Moments Being a Princess..When I am in GH I have to disguise as an unknown student to keep my secret..My dad was the favourite of all the students than the other game heroes..They always asked that "What if Link has a child?"and"What if Zelda and Link were married and had a child?"..I am annoyed!So I have to conceal my ears...Also Creepypasta because BEN Drowned thing?PFFT!It's a lie -_-
Favored School Subject Hero 101..Parkours,Adventure..
Least Favored School Subject Herology..I am annoyed I hat that class for one reason..
Allies Friends?Yes but one...Dirk is my bestfriend
Nemeses No!
Favorite Food I like foods!
Izarra is the daugther of Link and Zelda in the Legend of Zelda series.She's a Princess who never follow her mom's destiny,instead she follow the Hero in Hyrule,Link..


Izarra is brave and lazy as Link,intelligent and kind as Zelda.She's also mischief,hyper and hates princess thingg like,books in thier heads to trained their waling posture,wearing tight clothes and avoid some akward moments during some events..She preffered sword fighting,arrow shooting and obstacles.She's loves of parkour during adventures especially with lava and thin rocks.Izarra is a trouble maker and headstrong..



She has height of a 13 years old,she has a pale skin,a blonde hair,a blue eyes and a pointy ears.Izarra is also slightly skinny.



At the Game High,she's not wearing like she wear in Hyrule.She wear a green hoodie,a pink pladed skirt and a brown boots with a pair of socks.

Royal OutfitEdit

She wore a colorful dress with various jewelleries on her chest part and her sleeves.Her skirt is looks like Rose Lalonde's color.Her crown never shown and the ears never shown.Izarra has a curly hair.

God TierEdit

She wore as a Thief of Mind,Her hair is gone shorter,her hair is simmilar to Tererzi Pyrope.



Izarra is born at the Hyrule.She has a Twin brother,who has an opposite destiny,She followed to be a Hero while his brother is followed to be Ruler.Izarra is close to her family.


She has one close friend


She has a steed named Adam..




  • Izarra means star in Basque
  • Her first appearance in DC's Fanfic is from the AU crossover called Aqua


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