Helena Hopper
Helena Hopper
Well I am Ironic than you Dirk!!
Gaming Series of Origins Five Night's at Freddy's 2
Gaming Parentage Well I am the formel daugter of Bonnie,when the re-opening,I am now the daughter of the Toy DAD...
Age 14 I think??
Alignment Antagonist!!Blame our creator -_-..
Roommate Well Penny Fazbear...Hack yeahh!!
Victorious Moments Well Rocking at the stage!!I am good guitarist,well it makes me irionic and Playing some Uno card during slumber party...
Knock Out! Moments Well I hate treated like a rabbit like feeding the carrot and pat my head!!I am a animatronic that never treated like a bunch of Furry annoying creature!!
Favored School Subject Well Music...Hack yeah,Bros!!
Least Favored School Subject Ok anything heard as my endoskeleton!!Ok ok nevermind..
Allies Well my Fnaf Gangs!!In diffrent games I like all the RE kids execpt for the Cool guy..
Nemeses Dirk was my rival!!
Favorite Food Pizza and Milkshake..Lol
 Helena Hopper is the formel daughter of Bonnie ..She was the daughter of the Toy one after the re-openning..

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