Quotation1 Bish Pleasee!!! I am Fabulousss!!! Quotation2
Against his Haters
Gibert Scott kennedy
20161228 023843
Gaming Series of Origins Resident Evil series.....Yep that's me....
Gaming Parentage I am the oldest nephew of Leon Scott Kennnedy...W
Age 17...Perhapssss,I am the oldest..Idiots!!!
Alignment Protagonist,Yes I am...
Roommate I think my roommate is Nothing...
Victorious Moments I am born to be Fab...My Victorous Moments is Beng called as the most Fabulous of the Fabs,,
Knock Out! Moments Being Called as Metaton..I am not a robot to call me like that!
Favored School Subject Drama,Creative Writing and Qoutetology.I like them...
Least Favored School Subject My most hatest and hardest subject is Science...Just no..
Allies My Dear Airin Wong , she is my sister and Rilly is also my sissy!
Nemeses I hate people who hates me because of my Faboulous Sexuality!
Favorite Food I like Strawberry Shortcake and Red Faygo...

 Gillbert Scott Kennedy is the Oldest Nephew of Leon Scott Kennedy.. He is the first known Gay character in DC's..


Kankri was a narcissist and talkative type, which people mostly hated about him and He is also feminine,,


Gayle has a Messy Dirty Blonde hair, a pair of blue eyes and a fair skin, his body was a twiggy type due to his diet..



His Family lived at the Tall Oaks..When he became 13,his parents was working at the Beijing and he's living with his uncle..He has a cousin-in-law named Airin Wong .


He had a close friendship with Marcy , when she had a problem he is always be there for her. He is also the friend of Miranda Briggs, but he hates going to her farm because of her Uncle that is overprotective to his niece.


He hates people who judge his Homosexuality and Personality!!


He fell in love with Claude Oda ..But He got slightly jealous when Airin become Claude's Girlfriend..