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Dandora's threat..
Gabriela was the daughter of Dante in Devil May Cry.She is the former Monster High Student but later tranfered in Game High.She is the Leader of the Deliquents in Game High!


Gabriela is a rebellious and Hot-headed when it comes to all people in the campus(Execpt Sally and her rebel members).When it comes fight she is strong and focused to her oponents and other gangs.But on the inside she is gentle and soft..

Appearance  Edit

Gabriela has her father's appearance. she has messy white hair,ocean blue eyes with bruise on the left eye who was now covered with her eyepatch and a pale skin.She is taller than her sisters..



Her father was a Devil Hunter named Dante.She had few sisters in Monster High.She had one cousin named Nero who is her very best cousin.

Friends Edit

Sally was her greatest known friends since first day and later their friendship grew when she became the Deliquent.

Pets Edit



Gabriela hates trespassers one of them is Claude Oda and Lance Mercer .,,