Quotation1 I-I know girls maybe emotional but you have to deal with them.. Quotation2
Finn to Ritcher

 Finn Adrian Stryker is the oldest son of Kurtis Stryker and he has two sisters.He is described as the Dad in school due to his father like personality.


Personality Edit

Finn was called as the "Gentle Cinnamon Roll" due to his friendly and soft personality towards to others which makes him attrative according every girls , he is very protective to his sister which has no skills at self-defense.Despite of his gentle personality, Finn was an anxious when it comes to crowds especially Hallways and School Events which.

Appearance Edit

Finn has a messy blonde side cut with light blue dip dye, he has a peach skin and an cobalt blue eyes.


Gaming- Finn loves video games mostly on shooting games, but the game that he wasted his time is Dream Daddy, it is one of his guilty pleasure games.



He really had a good relationship with his parents, if they had conflicts, they fixed it by communaction.He had a sisters named Kami Stryker who wants always gets his attention to her. and Robyn Stryker which is the second child.


Jean Nivans his great friend, they are also the good Partners in Crime. He also friend by Dirk Redfield .Finn has a Childhood friend named Kenneth which is the son of Kabal which become his crush..


He owned a German Sheppard named Juon..


He sometimes hate Abby due to her attitude


He has a crush on Abigail Cage   but he didnt confess it due to he Tsundere attitude and he has also a crush on Kenneth which was his childhood bestfriend.He is now confuse of what person he will choose for his heart.


  • Like Kurtis, He is raised in New York alongside with his sisters
  • Finn is confirmed Bisexual..He is 50% attracted to boys and 50 % to girls.

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