Quotation1 Someday..I will follow your footsteps..I will never let anyone down..I want to be like you.. A Hero.. Quotation2
Farah's Oath

 Farah Evangeline Zeigler Morrison is the daughte of the Jack Morrison aka Soldier 76 and Angela Ziegler or Mercy. She is known to Big Sister like Personality..



Farah was born to be disciplined.She is mature enough at her age which makes her a big sister figure to all.She is very protective when she's with Ritcher which cause to his Clingy and Dependent personality..She's also kind and obedient.


Farah has a mixture of Jack's and Angela's genetics, she had a golden blonde pull up ponytail with a loose bangs, a pale skin and a blue eyes..Farah is quite toned and taller than Cherry..


Medical - Farah loves to learn about Health..She even want to be a Nurse when she finally had her journey to Overwatch.. She's willing to help others health needs.

Volleyball- Farah  was very fond of Volleyball..She's currently joining the Volleyball team in Game High..



Farah was loved to her parents, they promised to her that they will showered her with love which luckily she didn't got spoiled.Jack was very protective when she's hanging out with her friends or alone that's why Tron was around to look after her.She also had an older brother which is James Morrison.


Farah's was very close to Ritcher Withers, she treats him like her own brother. She's also the friend of Tyler Nivans and the Childhood friend of the daughter of Pharah..


Tron was her one and only companion..She consider him as the "Another Eye of Jack Morrison"


Farah hated sexist person..


She didn't have a romantic interest yet..


  • Farah was a Swiss-American.
  • Farah's name comes from the Arabic word for "joy"
  • Claude reminds her of Julie Kidman..

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