Quotation1 The most powerful in the world is being yourself.. Quotation2
Elza's Inspirational Qoute
Elza Theresa Tan
20170211 210142
Gaming Series of Origins Dance Central Series
Gaming Parentage Daughter of Oblio Tan and Granddaughter of Dr.Tan!
Age 14
Pet(s) I love Black Cats ironically They are my luckiest thing in the world..Why Ironic because of the beliefs that Black Cats are unlucky!
Alignment It's very confusing!
Roommate Jia Han..She is the richest girl in school since her father was an Executive Director.
Victorious Moments When I shockingly considered as the Heart of the Crew..I am humble with that..
Knock Out! Moments I don't mind that..
Favored School Subject Dancing I guess...Well How about History is quiet interesting!
Least Favored School Subject I think P.G another irony because My passion in dancing was part of the P.G..I hate P.G because dodgeballs.
Allies Jia Han and Tyler Nivans are my friends here but mostly I spend my time in solitude.
Nemeses I hate bullies sometimes it drives me crazy or whatever.
Favorite Food I love Various Pizza and Bubblegum flavoured ice cream.
Favorite Beverage I love Dr.Pepper and Faygo!
 Elza Theresa Tan or Ellie is the daughter of Oblio Tan and the first grandaughter of Dr.Tan ...She is one of the Greatest Dancers in Game High alongside with Cherry !



According to Every person in Game High, she is an emotionless and aloof girl.She didn't interact anyone execpt her closest friends and her boyfriend.Her personality influenced by her father,  Oblio.But originally, she is not like this in her childhood, she used to be a cheerful and joyful but when she got bullied at middle school, she began to be an Anti-social and a loner..But now she can overcome that terrible past life.. Elza was known as "Silent but Deadly", when she is being underestimate by anyone, she beat them by her Jabs and  Kicks..


Elza was a slender and slim teenager making her the skinniest girl in Dance Central, she had a Long Blue hair with a pink streaks on her long bangs that conceal her left eye, a pale skin (Her skin supposed to be Tan), and a blue eyes.Elza was also a flat-chested


Dancing- She loved Dancing since Middle-School, this hobby gain her confidence and making her bullies jaw drop on her abillity.Elza considered Dancing as her Center

Animes and Manga- Elza love Animes at her first year times, influenced by her classmates..Elza's favourite Animes are Tokyo Ghoul,Death Note and Any Gothic Type Anime..Elza loved reading Mangas when she borrowed some series from her old friend which makes her loving it.

Poems- Poem was one of her father's influences..She loves writing Haiku and Sonnet..


Her Past - Elza  has a bad past in her middle school times..Causing her to be emotionless..

Ocean- She has a great fear in Ocean because she had a bad memories on it..Which Dirk wants her to overcome it..



Oblio was her only know parent, he consider his daughter as his treasure or a miracle..She didn't know her grandfather yet but her grandfather wanting her to be his heiress in The Tan Corp. Which Oblio refused, he won't let her to be his heiress..When she discover that she has a grandfather and telling his past life with him..She started to hate him due to hiss Madness..


Cherry was a her known childhood friend..She is also the friend of Judy ..


She had many black cats ironically she called them as her lucky charm since they are the unluckiest animals.


She didn't care about Enemies..


She is in relationship with Dirk Redfield ..


  • Elza's theme song is Stronger than You by Estelle (Voice Actor of Garnett From Steven Universe)  and It fits her situation between her and her grandfather..
  • Elza has a Thalassophobia which she feared the Ocean.. 
  • Elza got her solitude loving lifestyle from her father...
  • She was born February 14 meaning her Birthday was on Valentines Day and they had same birthday as Angel..
  • She is a Kuudere ,,

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