Quotation1 One person's sweet dream is another's worst nightmare. Quotation2
Gaming Series of Origins Kirby.
Gaming Parentage Nightmare.
Age ... For all that it matters, I'm at least a few centuries old.
Pet(s) The demon beasts we have are able to be considered pets, I suppose.
Alignment Main antagonist. I take some pride in that title.
Roommate Abigail Walsh. She might be rather... Perky, but I'm willing to tolerate her shenanigans.
Victorious Moments ((TBA))
Knock Out! Moments Once again with my little pretties... They aren't exactly the strongest, unfortunately.
Favored School Subject Advanced Magic Use and Antagonist 101.
Least Favored School Subject Weaponology. What's the point of learning about weapons if they can't even do so much as scratch or bruise you? And let's say that some try to take advantage of my invulnerability to them by using me a training dummy.
Allies ...
Nemeses ...
Favorite Food I tend to feed off of certain emotions, for all that it counts.
Favorite Beverage ... Despite that, I enjoy chamomile tea from time-to-time.


DD is the kind of girl that doesn't try to be nice. She is fairly rude, but she doesn't waste time thinking up insults. She'll usually just stay silent and ignore you, rolling her eyes... Not that anyone has even seen them. If she does reply to your annoyance, it'll be in the calm, smooth way she normally talks. Of course, meaning that it's impossible to tell how she feels by just her voice. DD is more of an observer, preferring to stay and watch the chaos in the shadows as if merely spectating a sport she's seen time and time again and isn't too fond of, instead of watching from somewhere as if it were a movie she hadn't seen before.



Daydream isn't particularly open about her family life, but it's rather clear that there isn't much affection between her and her "father".


DD tends to prefer the company of the Demon Beasts to actual people.


Daydream doesn't seem overly interested in that, and appears to be unaware of her roommate's crush.



  • Daydream has a huge sweet tooth, but if asked about it, she will deny it as much as she can.
  • Halloween is her favorite holiday. BY FAR.
  • Daydream doesn't really have any specifically defined form, but she prefers to keep her 'default' form mostly the same.
  • DD enjoys psyching people out with some of her abilities. Most specifically, teleporting in front of people for about a millisecond, then teleporting back to where she was. The jumpier the person, the more likely they are to be targeted, only because of slight amount of fear generated. Daydream do you even know how cheap that is And also because she likes to mess with peoples' heads.
  • Much like her form, Jazz doesn't believe DD would have a defined voice, either. A bit echoey, like multiple people trying to talk at once, some of them going up higher, others growl-like lows, some even being other peoples voices, but keeping one colder, sharper voice louder than the rest, which is essentially her 'main' voice. She can keep it all together and only use her main, but, much like with the teleportation thing, she prefers this, as it comes off as unsettling.

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