Quotation1 No way..I have to leave the school for may protection! Quotation2
Dahlia from Yandere Simulator AU
Dahlia Hunningan aka the Hidden Girl
Gaming Series of Origins Resident Evil series.
Gaming Parentage Ingrid Hunningan
Age 18
Pet(s) I have no pets.
Alignment Protagonist.
Roommate I also have no roomate.
Victorious Moments I like to talk to the students through their gadgets.I also love gathering information of the students!
Knock Out! Moments I hate people who awyas call me as a rumor thing.
Favored School Subject I love Mystery related subject!
Least Favored School Subject I hate subject that has nonsense things.
Allies I had no friends at all.
Nemeses Obessive Yanderes is my worst enemy.
Favorite Food I love angel cake.
Favorite Beverage Water is fine.
 Dahilia Hunningan is the adoptive daughter of Ingrid Hunnigan , she is the School President in Game High.


Dahlia is very stricted but kind president in order to maintain the peace in the campus, she also discipline the Hall Monitors, one of them is Finn Stryker , when she is in love, she will be in shy mode.


She had a black hair which is simmilar to Cordelia , she has a pale skin and a red lips.Her eyes was hidden.



Her only known relative was her adoptive mother.


Due to her work..She is friendless.




She hate Yandere Person.


She has a crush on Finn Stryker .


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