Quotation1 I dont like fist fights..I am like a Criminal. Quotation2
Claude refused to fight with Freddy
Claude Fredrick Oda or the Joseph Jr (Dont Ask WHY?!)
Gaming Series of Origins The Evil Within.
Gaming Parentage Joseph Oda.
Age 18.. Ok..
Pet(s) I have cats in my home!
Alignment Tritagonist...
Roommate Kenneth.. He is good but too fast.
Victorious Moments When I finished the Book series and My dear girl, My Airin.
Knock Out! Moments Isaac was a butt! He always embaressed me infront of the public or Sophia points the camera on me..I hate Cameras execpt Selfies with my besties.
Favored School Subject Maybe Calculus..I love Math.
Least Favored School Subject Antagonist 101..No!
Allies I have my besties here, I am also the riend of Dirky Perky,Jeany and Finny boy.
Nemeses Any people who steal my glasses!
Favorite Food Konpieto and Pockies...Any Flavour willl do!
Favorite Beverage Maybe Coffee in Starbucks!
 Claude Fredrick Oda is the son of Joseph Oda from the Evil Within. He is the transferee from Toronto,Canada .



Claude was an obedient and wise son of Joseph and the loving and overprotective brother of Gou..He also treats his girlfriend Airin as his princess.


Claude's height was 5'7 and almost got his father's height.His face is more like his Father's young self ,he also wore a glasses (Also a keepsake from his Great-grandad),he wore his favourite clothes like his Black Hoodie with yellow underneath and his red polo.




Claude had a close relationship to his family.His mother was also a Japanese-Canadian which is adopted by an American family,he had two sisters, his older sister was unknown and his younger, Gou Oda .


Andrew was his childhood friend and his partners in crime,since both of their fathers are close, they are always together, more than friends or like his brother. He is also the friend of Dirk Redfield , Jean Nivans and Marceline Nivans .


He had many cats in his home.

Enemy Edit

He hates people who stole his glasses..He had frendly Rivalry on  Cherry !


Airin Wong was the girl who loves him.


  • Claude is an Alektorophobic meaning he had fear on chickens ever since he was 11 years old.
  • His name got by an anime character named Claude Faustus,butler of the Trancy household..
  • He is on the 2nd generation of Japanese-Canadian Ancesrty!

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