Chippy Chickers
Renew Chippy
Gaming Series of Origins Five Nights at Freddy's.
Gaming Parentage Mommy Chip chip(Chica the chicken).
Age Well I am a moving statue so I am ageless(her body appearance is 16-17)
Alignment Antagonist...I dunno why because Mommy Chip chip is nice to me.
Roommate Foxenna Foxerton she's kinda idiot but she's a friendly roomate.
Victorious Moments I love making pranks like disable the lights of the other dorms and the bathroom to scare them,Mommy says that making pranks is good.
Knock Out! Moments I wish I am a real girl because being a moving statue is weird,you entertain the customer all the time.
Favored School Subject Antagonist 101,it's a good just good.
Least Favored School Subject Gametery.
Allies All of my fellow FNAF.
Nemeses I dont know sorry.
Favorite Food Pizza and milk shake
 Chippy Chickers aka Chip was the adoptive daughter of Chica the Chicken(or Mommy Chip chip by Chippy) in Five Nights at Freddy's.


Chippy was a prankster,who has a childish and babbly and is sweet.Chippy was also sweet,slighty spoiled and kind.


Chippy was a animatronics that look like a girl.Chippy has a golden blonde medium ,a light yellow skin and a black eye the same as the toy Chica.She wore a tube with a logo called "Let's Celebrate",black leggings and a orange shoes.



Chica was her only mother.


All of her  FNAF was her bff.






When she's having a boyfriend she will be lucky.


  • Chippy's endoskeleton was like a human skeleton.
  • Chippy was voiced by Courtenay Taylor


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