Gaming Series of Origins Skullgirls
Gaming Parentage Beuwolf
Age 13,
Alignment Uhmm....Protagonist?
Roommate Well,She's so play-some roomate named Caliborn Radames,she's kinda geek but I like her.
Victorious Moments I am one popular girls,I like hanging out whether they we're antagonist or protagonist.
Knock Out! Moments I have a big secret to hide,that I was possesed of the super strength,I think when I reveal my secret people calls me She-Hulk.
Favored School Subject P.G or Math,I am little geeky
Least Favored School Subject Gameology.........
Allies Lizia.Valeria,Andrea Wong and Ashlynn Graham.
Nemeses Well,I have no enemies at all.
Favorite Food Sundae....
 Cerise is the daughter of Beuwolf in hte game called Skullgirls.


Cerise was a loving and extremly mischievous girl.Her mischief personality is the same as the Cheshire cat,but sometimes she was insane and moody depends in her mood.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Cerise has an ebony black wavy ponytail,a pale orange skin and a charcoal black eye,She wore a wolf-skin made dress with an olive green scratch as a detail,a handless clooves also made of wolfskin and a furry boots same as the dress and the glooves.In short they we're wolf-skin made clothing.



She's the oldest daughter of Beuwolf,she has two brothers named Ash and Carlos.


Lizia,Valeria,Andrea Wong and Ashlynn Graham,was her known friend.






Her crush is Cronus Redfield.


  • Cerise means a bright or a deep red color.
  • She was possesed of wrestler-like strength.
  • Her theme osng is the Nightcore version of Little Talks.


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