Catherine Macgahan or The Lost Girl in rumors is the dead daughter of Crooked Man or Duke Macgahan..Her soul stuck in the hallways which students feared to going alone..



Before death ,She was mean,flirty and lazy,she's the popular girl who always stole the taken boyfriends..

After death,Catherine regrets her sins becoming  a calm,lonely and quiet vengeful.She was also forgotten by her relatives,friends even her boyfriend.Even her memories was slightly forgotten especally her mean self!

Physical appearanceEdit




Her mother is possibly Sissi ....She broke up Duke and accidently pregnant,so she gave Cassandra to her friend..Duke knew that her daughter was the hands of Sissi's friend..So he tried to find his daughter failed,before killed himself.


Due to her solitude! She just spend her time alone miserably!


She didn't care about enemies!


Before her sad death, she had a boyfriend named Jeremy but now since she's dead..She's no longer having her own love..

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