• Pastelmarch

    Pastel's Headcanons

    August 15, 2017 by Pastelmarch
    • Vibri has a child attending Game High named Vivamente. They're a bit shy since their home game is pretty obscure but other than that they live up to their name.
    • They're a huge fan of the band Milkcan.
    • They can also be seen hanging out with a grey and faceless being wearing an outfit that looks like it would belong on an 1920's gangster. If asked about their friend and where they come from, Vivamente usually replies with "Oh, she's from a lovely sweet dream!"
    • Speaking of the grey being (her name is Noir by the way), she also has no hair. She's not bothered though. Less of a hassle.
    • Noir also speaks in a whispery voice. It should sound like she's very quiet but no, she's surprisingly loud. But not too loud, as her voice does have a hushed tone to…
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    How would you guys feel about a change of template? After I found out about template building, I had some thoughts about developing a new one for the original characters. This hypothetical template would have all the contents of the current template and maybe some new ones. What do you all think? Comment down your thoughts!

    UPDATE - 5/30/16

    I have made the template, which can be found here. I have made it an open decision for all of you, so anyone that feels like they want to use this template, feel free! If you prefer the old one, you do you! 

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  • SabineOfTheForce

    So yeah, I'm Sabine but you can call me Sab or Sabs. I plan to make some OCs on here!


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  • Draculaura.clawd

    I will allow Rinmaru but only Visual Novel Porpuses!

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  • Draculaura.clawd

    I am Back

    February 23, 2016 by Draculaura.clawd

    Hi my Gamers out there..It's me Kyla or DC..For many months of no updates,I am back in the Game...So guys how are you?Did trollers strikes this wikia ? Tell me what is the good news and bad news... But I forgot to tell that I will be in slow updates because of my tired life..Well! Enjoy the game.. Hasta la vista Gamers!

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  • Lissamel123

    Wait, didn't I have a birthday last year?

    Anyway, just tellin' all my pals I'm officially another year older~ Here's to more dweebs and dorks and random dark themes in my writing as the time goes on! ^^

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  • Solonor1987

    Descendants Fanon

    September 10, 2015 by Solonor1987

    Articus make a Descendants fanon, if you were like the movie this will be fun to created some descendants from disney on you're own.

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  • Draculaura.clawd


    August 16, 2015 by Draculaura.clawd

    Hi guys...Sorry that many months that I never appear..Because,Studies,Projects and Exam...

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  • Lissamel123

    Because stalling, stalling is why.

    As the title says, really. I want you guys to ask me any questions about the Pixels and Polygons 'verse or any characters within. This includes the main six, the backgrounders, the faculty, my other saps, and any of your characters that have appeared or been mentioned thus far. Just anything that could help with worldbuilding and / or character development.


    Just warning you that my answers may turn out rambly in this, so...Yeah.

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  • Pierre1987

    I created a creepypasta serie, i need help, to find actor who want to the voice i go to put other character after, but if you want this has fanon it will be a regular fanon.

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  • Jasmin231


    April 23, 2015 by Jasmin231

    |Crowd cheers|

    Guess whose story is officially out?


    Spoilers ahead, people. Don't want em, don't read it. Also, this probably will be sort of long and ridiculous.

    Most notable things in the intro, we've got a more fleshed out version of his story, and- WAIT A MINUTE THAT'S DOUBLE. Except it isn't? Well, it is, but she's called Sister Agatha here, and she's apparently trusted.

    The Canopy Kingdom is screwed.

    First fight, Wulf VS Bella, for publicity, of course!

    Also can I just say Beowulf is wonderfully cocky because he is.

    Second fight, VS Painwheel, because of what I said above. Beowulf no.


    3, VS Ninja Nurse (Valentine no don't).

    Valentine lived through the war, Beowulf mer…

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  • Draculaura.clawd

    Hey Guys..I am jus thinking a new OC...T...I saw the Resident Evil:Revalations 2...I saw Alex Wesker!!0_0

    I thought she's boy but she's fem..

    Welp!!I decided to make a daughter of the Overseer...Still researching :p..

    Well that's my few upadates of me..So long :D


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  • Pierre1987

    New Wikia

    March 18, 2015 by Pierre1987

    I just make a new Wikia called Sweets high, i hope you will be interested to come and created Sweets kids OC, it will be a serie i go to create i hope you will be there soon has possible if you had time i think i need a little bit of help.

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  • MissGeek

    Ask The Dweebs!

    March 7, 2015 by MissGeek

    I really should be doing homework right now, but I was in the mood to do something with my characters before I really get down to business, so... here this is, I guess.

    The title is self-explanatory: ask my characters, ask them anything you want. If there's something you've always wanted to know about them or just something goofy you want to tell them, here's the place to do it.

    This applies to everyone. My main crew, those two WIPs (that is to say, the forgetful prince and the rebellious shadow clone) and even those names that I've just got floating around on my user page. I might use these questions to fully flesh out the latter two groups, just so I can get a sense of what they're like.

    So, uh, while I work... ask away. ^^'

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  • Jasmin231

    (Insert Title)

    December 27, 2014 by Jasmin231

    Ever wanted to watch Jazz be unproductive and do game things?

    Well, too bad. You can't, creeper. 


    Yes, she has recently gotten a Wii U. Yes she has games for it, yes she has Amiibos, yes she has Super Smash Bros for Wii U. 

    Now, while I might not exactly be one for self- promotion, I'm still linking to my Miiverse page. ACCEPT NO IMITATIONS, PEOPLE. If you want to see my unproductive Wii U/ 3DS game themed doodles, go there. SSB Wii U, Nintendoland, Windwaker HD, Super Mario 3D World, Pokemon Y, Ocarina of Time 3D, Tomodachi Life, Kirby Triple Deluxe, (Does the digital download of Kirby's Adventure I got count? I think it counts, but I haven't really played it.) aaand that's all of those games …

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  • Draculaura.clawd


    December 26, 2014 by Draculaura.clawd

    Hey Gamers..I think I have to leave the Game Highh because My game spirit disapears...So sorr guys I have to go back i n MHFW..Well Admins take GH and when Evie was enterd here keep an eye on her...So bye..

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  • Jasmin231

    Red and Orange Eyes

    December 19, 2014 by Jasmin231

    FJNK I want to post Nadir and Psyche. Really badly. I just need roommates for them.

    And before you tell me they should room together, trust me. These two won't work. Nadir would probably end up destroying something if they did. Possibly Psyche herself. Psyche is bouncy and cheery, and Nadir... Well, they're the opposite. Roommates who wouldn't result in such an explosive reaction would be best.

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  • Solonor1987

    My wikia

    December 5, 2014 by Solonor1987

    I finally finished this heroes kids wikia alone i find how to finally created a template that took me time to finished i hope finally to have members to go here i really want some of you to have fun here.

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  • Solonor1987

    New Wikia High School

    November 24, 2014 by Solonor1987

    I am member on this wikia it seem to be a high for Super Villains kids and they need members is named Iron Height Academy.

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  • Lissamel123

    Because I need more of these?

    This one's gonna be a bit more split, though. I'll have my regular headcanons, but I've also concocted some character themes. Please note that all headcanons apply to the Pixels and Polygons 'verse and don't necessarily apply to any other 'verses. Also if I mention your character...Sorry. Hope that's all cool.

    • Scaredy's teddy-babble is a distant offshoot of Animalese; ergo, Dr. Shrunk can understand it fine.
    • Simon fears being forgotton; Sofia fears losing herself; Takashi fears slaying anyone through magic; Honey fears not mattering; Vanessa fears being unable to help; Harold fears making others unhappy; Magnilde fears not being in control; Scaredy fears hurting anyone; TED fears entropy; Scotch fears never being …

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  • Draculaura.clawd

    Hey Guys!DC here...I am making Pallates :D

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  • MissGeek

    I just need to rage for a minute:


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  • Hetastuckworts4137

    Now, if you log on to the wikia and go on Game High, you may have noticed that your cursor seem to look a little different than your average white arrow... well, that's because I changed the cursor to something that fits, You're welcome C:

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  • Solonor1987

    This is my wikia fanon i tries to have members but no one want to come and i want my wikia shakespeare ciollege fanon to survive because i don't want to close it. [Closed]

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  • TheMidnightCrew

    (I was playing Bioshock Infinate, so that's were the title came from)

    You may request~

    • The MLP version of your characters.
    • Talk-Sprite of your character.
    • Any GIF of your character.
    • Normal Drawing. (Base)
    • Normal Drawing. (Base)
    • Anime
    • Homestuck God Tier/ Dream Self
    • Sprite

    Please read the following instructions:

    - Do not rush me.

    - Do not edit this page.

    - I will leave a message on your talk pages every time I am done with your requests. So do not start telling me that I took long to make the requests, so keep a sharp eye for any new messages left on your talk pages.

    - Do not insult my work, if you have anything negitive to say, keep it to yourself.

    - You are allowed to ask for 3 or under things at the same time.

    - Do not say that one of the rules aren't kno…

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  • FreakyFusionFan14

    My Palettes

    September 14, 2014 by FreakyFusionFan14

    Hello Gamers...I actually mean users. Sorry I making only palette not request.

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  • TheMidnightCrew

    Melody High

    September 14, 2014 by TheMidnightCrew

    Come and Join Melody High, the place for the daughters and sons of famous sings

    There will be








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  • Clawdeen Ghoul


    (yas I made a new greeting)

    OK, if you haven't noticed me before (YOU SHUD I AM FUMOUZ) then I am Clawdeeen Ghoulll (casually wants to change my name again :( )



    (lol sorry i am listening to Gaga (omg how fabu is she) ok anyway)

    I am coming by to say Highola (hellola) and saying that I will be contributing to this wiki :)

    expect sonic, zelda AND LOTS OF MARIO OCSSSS

    k baijour

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  • MeredithAgnesPoe

    Oh hey there! xD

    August 27, 2014 by MeredithAgnesPoe

    Hi everyone! It's nice to be back after being inactive, eh? How have we all been? It's nice to see after not being active in a few months that the wikia has blossomed!

    (Yes I was active here when this was first starting up)

    I'd like to apologise for kind of disappearing, and I hope we can all eventually start interacting and all that,

    And I have no idea what to say xDD so hehe bye~

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  • Lissamel123

    I am weak-willed

    August 2, 2014 by Lissamel123

    So I accidentally found myself unable to stick with just my six-man band. Whoopsie daisy. I'm growing attached to my original backgrounders, two girls in particular, and I sort of want to make them official. Heck, I even drew concept art for one.

    The thing is, I'd need roommates for them, seeing as they're not part of my six-man band and I don't particularly want to room them with one another, seeing how they would not be good with one another. So does anyone have any upcoming OCs that need roommates?

    For breifing purposes, the two I'm considering are:

    Magnilde Klug, daughter of The Medic from Team Fortress 2. Haughty, prideful, condecending and dry. Enjoys fighting for fighting's sake, and though she looks like she practices medicine, she'd r…

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  • Hetastuckworts4137

    Hello fellow gamers of the Game High Wiki! Yeah, sorry for lame introduction ^^; but still, hello! So this blog, as the name implies, is an update blog. As you can see, I'm now an admin and as you can see, the wiki has a new theme! Yay >.< And also, the founder (Draculaura.clawd) is planning to make a contest in the near future about Pledge Day! And another thing, I made a new infobox for all your ocs, and it's a lot more detailed and also organized but feel free to stick to the old one that DC made! And also, voting! Make sure to vote for your favorite character here and we'll count up the votes! And I opened up a roleplaying forum over at the forum page, so feel free to make a discussion about roleplaying!

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  • Solonor1987


    May 21, 2014 by Solonor1987

    Hi i need roommates for two of my first Characters Shevia Alomar and Jonas Stone they don't have a Roommate yet so if someone want them to be their roommates well they are waiting.

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  • Jasmin231

    Uhm, roomate please?

    April 26, 2014 by Jasmin231

    I know that there are some people who don't have roomates on this wiki, but I kinda need one for another character I'm making. Right now, she will only be referred to as GG. So, uhm, roommate please?

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  • Draculaura.clawd


    April 24, 2014 by Draculaura.clawd

    Dont forget the diary guys.

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