Quotation1 S-STEM? I don't know what is that thing as I remember my dad said it's dangerous. Quotation2

 Blake Gorreti Oda or Gou is a daughter of Joseph Oda. , She is the sister of Claude Oda .


Personality Edit

Blake is known to her cheerful to her personality which Sally and Mercy likes a lot this personality. But she will be serious and violent if she is being bullied or being underestimated by boys . Blake is also a caring daughter to her parents and a supportive sister to Claude. 

Appearance Edit

Blake has a slightly got Joseph's features, . She appears to be a girl with ebony black hair which styled in a slightly high ponytail with faded bangs, she has also a dark brown eyes, a fair skin. 

Interests Edit

Anime/Manga-Blake was a proud Otaku girl.She is completely obessed with Animes at the age of 10..She consume most of her time in Animes especially at Night..



Her mother is the same nationality as Joseph, but her name was unknown, she had an older brother which all his attitude and looks from Joseph mostly..She has possibly an older sister, which said in The Evil with in Artbook.


Blake was a Social Butterfly, but her besties are Jiao and Mercedes Rizal .


Since her family was a cat lover, she had many cats in her home.




She has a crush but very unknown..


  • Joseph called her Gou.
  • She is Deredere.
  • Blake is a Bookworn, most of her book collections are Harry Potter and Maze Runner.
  • She also reads Manga like Angel Beats and Maid Sama.
  • She is the shortest member of the family.
  • Gou means tough or strong in Japanese.

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