Quotation1 Oh! That's it! I am outta here! Quotation2
Ayo to Mara
Ayo Alomar
Gaming Series of Origins Resident Evil 5 only..
Gaming Parentage Oldest daughter of Sheva Alomar
Age 16
Pet(s) I am not a pet lover or whatever,I am not a type of girl who loves animals..
Alignment A Heroine type of a future role..
Roommate Collie..She is annoying but I like her!
Victorious Moments To show my pride to the people who underestimated me..Bullies feared because of my pride.
Knock Out! Moments I am being called as "Chubby" repeatedly..Yes, it's true! But why you call me "Chubs"!
Favored School Subject P.G ..I am a very active chick!
Least Favored School Subject A subject that makes me sick, which is Science!
Allies Any type of friend..
Nemeses Uhh..Mara is a stupid one!
Favorite Food I am a Foodie, so it's hard to choose one!
Favorite Beverage I love cola!
 Ayo Alomar is the daughter of Sheva Alomar.


Ayo was a very prideful, her personality named her as the "Lioness in Academy" but she uses her pride for good to avoid being down by others.She is also has sisterly attitude to her siblings and always overprotective to them.Ayo is also sincere and kind to her friends especially to Cassia which is her Mother parternerd with her dad since he went to Africa.


Ayo has a gifted body, having a perfect waist line and long legs, she is having a brown skin,a black wavy hair and a hazel eyes.



Sheva was her loving mother, they had a great bond together with her siblings.Even she left her hometown for Education, their communication still on same as her siblings.


Cassia was her known friend since her mom and her dad are friends when they met at the Africa, she also the friend of Miranda Briggs  she likes her personality.


Ayo is not a Pet Person.


Ayo hates people who try to bring her down or with Crab mentality.Also she had a rivalry towards to Mara , since her mother and father is responsible for infecting her town.


Ayo was not ready for that..But she had a slight crush on someone .


  • Ayo means joy in African.
  • Her appearance is based of Beli Lapran from Huniepop and Huniecam