Audrey to all Students
Cassandra "Audrey" Clifford Simmons
Gaming Series of Origins Resident evil 6
Gaming Parentage The Only Princess of Derek Clifford Simmons
Age 14..
Pet(s) Pets is a mess..I don't like Pest!
Alignment Antagonist..
Roommate Roommates is for fools..I can live alone without that Roommate thing..
Victorious Moments I want the whole students bow to their princess..Someday, I will rule the school and make my students as my servants and I want that Handsome glasses will be mine.
Knock Out! Moments The Kennedy Family was a nerve of my anger..They are responsible for this! I want to see them gone..
Favored School Subject Science and Biology..I don't why but I love it!
Least Favored School Subject Some Subject for fools... Gym for Example.
Allies I love to be alone.. Being alone is free.
Nemeses Like I told you that Rilliane Kennedy and that One Eyed Female Leon Scott Kennedy is the vein of my anger..Someday..They are gone.
Favorite Food I love Sweet Red Velvet Cake with cherry on top..My taste buds liking it..
Favorite Beverage Cranberry Juice...I like the pure one..Sweet and slightly sour.
 Cassandra Clifford Simmons is the only daughter of  Derek Simmons, she is the heiress of the Simmons Blood Line or The Family


In her childhood, she is easy-going and friendly to her family and friends this personality being called as the Light of the Family, but the time that her mother died. She became depressed and short-tempered causing her friends afraid to talk to her even a one word. When she became a teen, her life is getting darker, she became an arrogant, self-centered and envious .Audrey wants to be bowed or to be helped by others to get another's attention, she even wnats to make jealous to the Kennedy Sisters .She is also insecure to the other girls which Cherry was an Example..She made up rumors about her..


Audrey has her mother's appearance, brown hair and blue eyes, she is a very slim and short.



She is the another descendant of the Simmons which is the one who created a secret organization or the Family.Her mother was her only parent who loves and cares to her.Her Mother's death caused  her this personality change.Since her mother died, she gave all her trust to her dearest father and agreed being the Heiress of The Family.


Audrey was prefered to be alone.


Audrey was not a Pet Person..Since they are "Pest" for her.


She had a wrath on Rilliane and Ace whic they are the daughter of Leon Scott Kennedy and Ada Wong.Also, she had an anger to the Nivans Sisters .She is also insecure of Cherry's Beauty making her make-ups some Gossips about her..She is considered as the hatest girl in school,

Romance She had a deep love with Claude Oda , she wants him to be hers but his heart was on the girl who is simmilar to the Agent.