Aster Occultus, at your service.
Gaming Series of Origins Kirby.
Gaming Parentage The Master of Puppetry himself, Taranza.
Age ... I'm around 50 or so, but according to dad, my egg was around for way longer than that, but had to be magically 'frozen' for whatever reason. Given how long my species lives, I'd say I'm about the age intended to attend. Maybe a bit younger.
Pet(s) Uh... I don't think that that'd work.
Alignment ... Revolving door?
Roommate Don't get me started on her.
Victorious Moments ((TBA))
Knock Out! Moments I'm... not exactly looking forward to the future, with that bee coming back to Floralia, and all that. I'm certain she already has an heir.
Favored School Subject I'm personally partial to Drama.
Least Favored School Subject Game Combat. We aren't really allowed to use magic, and I am... not the strongest, physically speaking.
Allies ((TBA))
Nemeses I'm pretty sure that little "heir" would count.
Favorite Food Soft things, I suppose. They're easier to eat. Cream puffs are good stress relievers.
Favorite Beverage ((TBA))


((TBA when Jazz actually feels like typing it out.))



Aster and his dad seem to get along decently, even despite him being a bit distant after the events of Triple Deluxe. He is an only child, and has no idea who his mother might be, and Taranza isn't exactly eager to divulge any information on her.




There's an heir that Aster seems to dread, he hasn't met them yet, and doesn't even know their name, but he's certain he isn't going to enjoy their company, which he almost finds funny, due to how his dad felt about Sectonia herself. ((WIP-ish.))


Aster isn't the slightest bit interested in having one. And wouldn't that be kind of wrong? Tarantulas, a type of a spider, can be considered a pet...

If you ask him on a particularly bad day, he'll refer to Eve as such. To be specific, the high-maintenance pet he never wanted.


He's panromantic, although has yet to come to accept himself being attracted to other males.





  • This is Jazz's first male character to actually be posted on a wiki. She has posted a male character before (not on the wiki), but he didn't really have a personality. And then there was another which Jazz has no intents to bring back.
  • Aster is a type of flower, and one of the only (vaguely) masculine flower names Jazz could find. This name was taken from Taranza and Maho's son in her Tomodachi Life, but this was all, seeing how she'd misplaced her 3DS and couldn't reference his appearance. Said Mii's appearance was changed to resemble this one's.
  • Occultus is latin for occult/hidden/mysterious/secret/etc.
  • Aster is about 1′4″, counting his spike-things and stinger-y-thing, which add two inches or so. Still small, but with his limbs (or lack thereof) in mind, he's not that small, and floats at slightly below average height.
  • Aster's fangs (along with the rest of his teeth) are made for piercing, as opposed to chewing. Puddings, stuff that can easily be ripped into pieces, or stuff with a somewhat hard exterior, but liquidy insides are all fair game. Just nothing citrus. That's not a good idea.
  • Aster referring to his alignment as 'revolving door', which is a reference to the trope, which, in reality, he would not be considered as.
  • If one has a keen eye, one may notice that it is possible that Aster may not be taking Taranza's role in the future.

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