Anna Theemah
Gaming Series of Origins Super Smash Brothers.
Gaming Parentage The one and only Tabuu.
Age Uh... Old.
Pet(s) I'm afraid I don't have one yet.
Alignment Antagonist...
Roommate Bailey Koopa… She seems nice enough, but I don't really talk to her that much...
Victorious Moments Any fair game is fun.
Knock Out! Moments ((TBA))
Favored School Subject Hacking 101… I have my reasons.
Least Favored School Subject Antagonist 101. Terrible subject.
Allies Uh... No?
Nemeses ... I have three names for those; me, myself, and I.
Favorite Food Melon, sweet, but still somewhat good for you.
Favorite Beverage Tea. It's quite a relaxing thing after a long day.





Anna is an only child.


Anna seems to seclude herself from others in fear of not being good enough, meaning she barely has any.


Anna could seriously care less about this.



  • All of Anna's outfits are based off of Nintendo characters from series that have appeared in the SSB series, usually being the fighters, although sometimes being other characters that don't even get in as Assist Trophies.
  • The name Anna Theemah is based off of Jazz's initial mispronunciation of the word 'anathema', which is a synonym of the word 'taboo', which is where Tabuu's name comes from.
  • Melon and tea are some of the different foods in the SSB series.
  • Anna is Jazz's tallest character, at around 7′3″. She can make herself a lot bigger (Just... Watch some footage of Tabuu's boss fight or... Well, anything with him in it.), but this is the smallest she can be, although it's still pretty tall.

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