Quotation1 Hey....Uhh..Marcy..I-I want to...Uh.... Quotation2
When he first meetMarcy
Andrew Ford Castellanos
Gaming Series of Origins The Evil Within
Gaming Parentage The Second son of Sebastian Castellanos and Myra Hanson
Age 18 I am almost 19 at November 13 at Friday...Yep..Bad Luck !
Pet(s) Uh..Lily and I have a pet before..But..Died..
Alignment Protagonist
Roommate Uh...Joey is the coolest dude thang that I ever met..
Victorious Moments If I won the Basketball Compititions and Making my Dad proud with my grades..To make him happy as well, I'll study hard for him and I don't want him to drown in pain anymore..I want to see his joyful self that I know since young...
Knock Out! Moments Akward encounters with Marceline...Eh..I hate her slaps and kicks on me..And Flashbacks...My God I hate Flashbacks..
Favored School Subject I like P.G..Basketball is the sports that I enjoyed Investigating Class..
Least Favored School Subject Art..Ironic because I love to draw Animes and Stuffs,It's not the subject..Is it because of peole requested me to draw their whatever..SO ANNOYING..I even pounded someone's faced that leads me to the guidance and Detention as well..
Allies Claude Oda is my closest, Catherine Kidman is just a normal friend (She is annoying!),Jean Nivans he is cool! and Marceline..
Nemeses I hate the girl named Audrey Simmons..She is nothing but a piece of trash in this school!
Favorite Food I love Mac and Cheese and Calliope's Red Velvet .
Favorite Beverage I love Faygo maybe the green one is better, reminds me of the green slime but watery heheheeh!
 Andrew Ford Castellanos is the second son ofSebastian and Myra Castellanos.


Andrew was a very energetic and joyful, he overcomes his derpression after his older sister Lily Castellanos died by fire.He is (Super)protective to Claude because he promised Joseph to keep an eye on him ...Andrew is very romantic and sweet towards to Marcy, he try his best to never be beaten by her..


Andrew's appeals is still unknown but base on Kyla's imigination..He is more like Sebastian's looks and genes..But had a pinch on Myra's..



Andrew was very close to his father, he always prayed that he want to see him happy again after Lily's death.But he had a great hatred to his mother who just left both he and his father..


Claude Oda was his closest among his known friends, since both of their fathers are friends, they are also close as well..But he is also the friend of Catherine Kidman...But he really hates her annoying personality and Jean was his great buddy..


He used to had a pet but died..


Andrew hated Audrey Simmons...


He is currently the Boyfriend of Marceline Nivans ,..They had a great relationship..


  • He confess his love to Marcy at the Volleyball Court, March 13 2016.