Quotation1 I҉ ҉A҉M҉ ҉S҉I҉L҉E҉N҉T҉ ҉B҉U҉T҉ ҉D҉E҉A҉D҉L҉Y҉


Aiza's Threat to Audrey straight to the Computer Screen

 Aiza or Cyber Girl is the daughter of the Talon's Hacker, Sombra.She is Proffesional Gamer who hidden her Hacker Identity..



Aiza was a great observant to her environment which makes her uneasy to get fooled by people,,She's also sarcastic when sassing to her enemies but once the enemy embaressed her, she'll use her hacking skills as a payback to them..Aiza was also an understanding when it comes to her Alignment.She is very kind and Loyal to her friends especially to Tyler..


Aiza has a Two-Toned Hair Color, She have Purple Hair with Plum Ombre at the left while the right side was Dark Pink with Maroon Ombre.Since Aiza was a Mexican, she has a tan skin but her eyes was purple which is Contacts.She has Dark Pink eye shadow with Mettalic Purple Lipstick.


Gaming- Aiza is one of the Proffesional Gamers in Game High, she play Video Games at the Age of 8 and creating her very first Game at the Age of 11. She sometimes uses cheat codes when she plays with Min-Ji .

Hacking-She learned how to hack any forms of Technology at the young age which her mom taught her.She learn to hack Any famous people like Sombra did.



Aiza's only known parent was Sombra, she was raised at the Talon which is she consider as her own family..


Aiza was a close friend of Tyler Nivans and the Playmate of Min-Ji ..She currently having friends with her roomate Victoria Johnson !


She has a Companion..


Audrey Simmons was her known enemy..She got embaress once by her which is luckily got her Revenge on her.


She has a crush on Fuchuo...


  • Aiza means "Cliff" in Spanish..
  • "Aiza" was a Psuedonym..Her real name was never revealed like her Mother..
  • Aiza is a lesbian....

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