Aheri Sera
Aheri Sera
I am Aheri the Great!Amigos
Gaming Series of Origins Resident Evil 4
Gaming Parentage Luis Sera,his th researcher of the Las Plagas in eglish the plague
Age 17!
Alignment Protagonist,I am a supa hero!
Roommate Maiko,she's from the game called Skullgirls!
Victorious Moments I like to following,Maiko she's easily getting prank,LOL!I am a Prankester!
Knock Out! Moments People said that my dad supposed to be dead but remember He's dead in RE4 but alive in Game world!
Favored School Subject Science,yeah I love science,I like to learn about viruses!
Least Favored School Subject I dont like swimming!
Allies Maiko and Cerise
Nemeses Sometimes Ashlynn was cheating me during Science exam(-_- Man she really hate studying at Science)
Favorite Food Uhm......Chocolate?
 Aheri is the daughter of Luis Sera the researcher of the Las Plagas virus,she lived at the Hackas(Texas).


Aheri was a very wild,smart and postive minded,Aheri was big social butterfli so that's why she became a popular girl just like Cerise.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Aheri has a charcoal black braided hair,a chocolate brown eye, and a pale skin.She wore a sleeveless jacket inserted by a white tube,a pants,a cowgirl boots and a hat.



She was the oldest daughter of Luis Sera and she has a younger sister named Lucille.


Her friends was Maiko and Cerise.




She has a slighty dislike to Ashlynn Graham


She doesnt like having a boyfriend.


  • Aheri means "I love you" 
  • She was based on Aradia Megido in Homestuck


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